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thought for today 9/19

Thursday, September 19, 2019

"Other people’s reactions don’t discount the importance and validity of your experiences. If you reach out to someone and they say something that makes you feel rejected, invalidated, or unheard, it doesn’t mean that what you struggle with is wrong or that your feelings are misplaced. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have opened up or that it’s all in your head. All it means is that this one person didn’t have the capacity or emotional intelligence to sit with you in your struggle. It might mean they don’t have personal experience or practice to be able to know what to say. It might mean they felt helpless or overwhelmed. Or it may mean they just aren’t one of your people. And that’s okay. Not everyone is going to be able to hold your pain with you. Most don’t know because they can’t even hold their own. And that isn’t your weight to carry.

You deserve to take up space and voice your experience. You deserve to process the pain inside your head and reach out. Even if other people don’t get it. Even if someone thinks it’s silly or wrong.Even if you don’t know anyone else who feels the way you do. You feel what you feel and the things that are hard for you are the things that are hard for you. And no matter what that looks like for anyone else, your experience is valid. Other people don’t get dictate the legitimacy of your struggle. You don’t have to shrink or stay silent. You don’t have to be yourself up.You just have to find your people. You have to trust the validity of your own experience, and even when it feels untrue, you have to trust that no one can take away what’s real for you. You know your truth. You live it and breathe it everyday, and that’s powerful. And sometimes, that’s enough."
— Daniell Koepke
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