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The Reality of Having Weighed 460. Down Over 200lbs

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

We think to ourselves “Tomorrow I’ll be good, start fresh, be perfect.” Let me be honest with you here. Tomorrow or next week or New Years Day is not going to change a darned thing. Has it ever?

Now changes things. Every choice you make, yes, every single one, either contributes to a healthy quality of life or an unhealthy quality of life. We often forget that it is never to late in the day, that we are never too far gone to make a healthy decision that supports our goals, well being and quality of life right NOW.

This is very personal and TMI for some. I’m going to be real here because I want you to KNOW how “Just this once” and “Tomorrow after tomorrow” and Perfectionism and chronic dieting led me to weight 460 pounds and lose all quality of life.

It all started very innocently in my 20s. I was developing degenerative joint disease and leg pain. I slowed down. By my 30’s doctors just kept telling me the same thing, diet and exercise but I could barely move from pain. I just laid in bed and ate when I could to numb to pain.

Life at 460 pounds in a wheelchair in chronic pain, with herniated disks, pinched nerves, fibromyalgia, the inability to go to the bathroom by myself, wearing diapers IF I found them to fit, staring at 4 walls for a decade. My husband and my relationship changed even- he took on a caretaker role. I felt very alone. My friends had abandoned me except one.
I am luck and thankful that I did not have a stroke or anything more to worsen things.

That’s my old life- a 0 on the Quality Of Life Scale.

So, I wanted to be set free. I investigated weight loss surgery but found that the people there in the mandatory groups were still wanting to eat beyond fullness, still wanted to eat emotionally and still did not want to exercise. Many had gained weight back that I had known in life. I decided against the surgery because it was stomach surgery not brain surgery. My brain needed the overhaul. My husband and bff were livid. They were sure it was my last chance to live.

I prayed and told God how angry I was after all the healings I had gone for, that he had done nothing. I told him I was done trying and He could have at it. So He did.

He introduced me to SparkPeople and a book called YOU ON A DIET. I took baby steps and journaled and blogged. From my journaling and blogging, I came up with a lot of helpful info that I made into mantras.

I began to enjoy helping others with the same struggles.

What keeps me going is that I like my new quality of life! I don’t want my old life back.

Now, I’m still disabled, but I’m also a master life/health coach, a wife to my husband again, I walk, I have friends (I try not to choose fair weather friends anymore) I rescue bunnies, I write, I work for a school...

What changed?

I look to God daily for what He would want me to do.
I look at what I CAN DO now instead of focusing on can’t.
I know every choice counts toward my quality of life- healthy or unhealthy.
It is NEVER EVER too late in the day to start over at the next meal.
Something is always better than nothing.
One cookie always has less calories than two.
I will never be perfect, so I will be my best version of me.
Progress not perfection is crucial.


I eat all the food groups and try to keep to the way God makes things- Whole Foods- the potato, not the potato chip. I do eat some processed foods, but they cause cravings.


Band Exercise
Arm Bike
Pedal Bike
Chair/ Bed exercise

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