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HOW DID I DO THIS??? GONE 120 lbs?? HOW!!??!!!

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Monday, September 16, 2019

It'll sound like an UNBELIEVABLE Commercial. Well to me it does, until you read it thru this. It's thru a TON of support from Sparks people and in particular 2 challenges, one of them though for only a year or 2 (the Biggest Loser on the Invincible Indigo team) and the other one is the 5% Challenge!!

As you see from my picture i was in a power chair and my highest weight was shown here at 288 lbs. Just getting up was severe pain! Taking a few steps was UNREAL HARD!! I laid in bed or my recliner 97% of the time.

I was headed to living in an assisted living place, but it meant giving up my cat Wincey (Princess) and I DID NOT WANT TO DO THAT!!

I had a choice (and Dr's pushing me on) to either give up or FIGHT!! I chose to FIGHT!! That pic was taken in June of 2010 and in August I had decided I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT!! So I talked to my Dr, and by November I was down to 256!! WOOHOO!! BUT I was STUCK and had NO clue what to do!! So I came online (as we all have done or were told about doing) which was GREAT because I couldn't get out to any meetings any place. I couldn't drive at that time. I Joined Weight Watchers online!!

BUT!! I did NOT find it at all helpful!!

So I went looking again and found SPARKS!! YEAH!! YEAH YEAH!! If you are brand new to SPARKS HANG ON IN!! Success is YOURS if you remain active, and DO NOT expect perfection. It's not possible.

As I joined I was told by Healthygrammy 49 to join the 2011 Winter 5% Challenge!! AND I DID SO!!! I was on the Spirited Under Dawg team for many years, and am now on the Awesome A team.

How have these challenges helped me? I had lost my Password, I started off as Dianesmiles. So I created Dianedoessmiles from that because by 2011 I WAS smiling a LOT more!! YES in a year I was having such a better time!!

Now my exercise was near non existence starting off at 10 mins 3 times a week. I DID NOT EVER Drink water (now it's my #1 go to drink! and I get usually 8 to 10 glasses a DAY!! FAINTING!) and I was eating mostly cake for supper (hey its easy!) but now, oh how that HAS changed, but I'll be honest here, I STAY with the 5% Challenge because I still have some habits that are not at all impressive (I am STILL NOT a big Freggie (FRuit/vEGGIE) eater. BUT!! I KNOW this CAN AND WILL improve in time. The WATER HAS!!

The changes I now have vs back when:

BACK then:

BARELY if ANY walking 3 steps was hard

I can easily do 3 miles at a time NORMALLY, but I broke my foot 3 weeks ago, so I am not doing much of any.

BACK Then:
My back pain and overall body in severe pain,,, I was on 10 to 13 daily meds for it. I CRIED A LOT!! But I was also determined, though I had NO CLUE how far I'd go!! Only 1 Dr was sure I COULD

Now: I am on NO Meds AT ALL !! No pain meds (BYE BYE went morphine through out the day) BYE BYE went all meds to do with High BP, NO MORE testing my sugars (We didn't know until I had diabetes that I had it ) but I had promised that I'd LOSE weight so PLEASE do not put me on any meds (I was on enough!) and that was at this time also,,, so none were given,,, GONE TO THEM ALL!!

The pain IS STILL There, but I've been able to strengthen my core muscles so its not hurting in the same way, and now using biofreeze and heating pads is enough. I get acupuncture (it's so MUCH easier for most insurances to pay it if you can find a Dr's office that does it, mine does. I just pay for what insurance doesn't do, but it's very reasonable,, call around! With the opiate epidemic so many NON opiate alternatives are now becoming mainstream) and I had a chiropractor who I can not allow to snap me, thats the worse for me, he does though can't remember what its called, but he manipulates my muscles with just his fingers. ALSO now can and do yoga (nothing fancy) and TA DA!! SO MUCH BETTER!!


NO life!


Working part time with the elderly!! I LOVE my job!! I take them to the Dr's , or on errands, or just out to eat, go to the ocean or just visit them in their homes. It's a GREAT JOB!! And I LOVE doing this and learning so much from them!

The above pic was taken in July at a training for work. I took 8 serious courses, and this one FUN one learning the Ukulele! We learned 8 songs in just an hour!! It was an overnight training with quite a bit of walking (if you were capable, and I WAS!) plus a walk down to the ocean which if one used a walker, etc, they could not make. It was GORGEOUS.

HOW DID i get to this point?


Here's the stuff we worked on in the Summer Challenge (along with exercise)
Week 1: Drinking Water (8 count was the max for glasses)
Week 2: Tracking our food (if new it's AWESOME, but it's a learning process and no one expects us to be perfect at any of these, though to certainly TRY is very strongly encouraged) and water
Week 3: Taking 20 mins to eat a meal (A STRUGGLE FOR ME!) and Tracking our food
Week 4: Sleep (record how many hours we slept which HELPED me during these 2 weeks to try harder, better!) and the 20 min meal
Week 5: Healthy Snack and Sleep (BOTH a STRUGGLE for me, BUT!! I DID THEM!! WOOHOO)
Week 6: OSOM (Pronounced AWESOME, which was simply to keep junk food "Out of Sight Out of Mind") and Healthy snack
Week 7: Meal Planning (I LITERALLY GROANED when I saw this!! I am a routine eater for breakfast and lunch, but supper I am a HEY WHat do I WANT !!" person who never plans it and ALWAYS wings it) and OSOM (OSOM I found very healthful! ANd I CONTINUE this ! IT WORKS!)
Week 8: Wellness which is located under our My Trackers Tab on the home page, select the My Weight option and fill out the Wellness section which asks us to rate our:

Daily measure -

Energy Level
Stress Level
Sleep Quality
Self- Esteem Level


1 Very Low
2 Low
3 Moderate
4 High
5 Very High

Wellness Measures = 10 points (daily maximum)

See the 10 points (daily maximum)?

Yes when we complete the LTGL (Living The Good Life,, AKA Healthy habit for the day, week) WE EARN POINTS for our team!! WOOHOO!! Now some of these were VERY EASY For me,,, especially the water and food tracking, but as you see above some I STILL STRUGGLE with even almost 9 years into this!!

Hence why I AM still with the 5% Challenges.

Would you LOVE the support I've found? If you look thru my blogs and MANY others on the 5% Challenges pages, you'll see the same I HAVE TREMENDOUS support!!

Would you like these habits to be YOURS? Would you LOVE for the exercise you work so HARD to earn, help a team WIN a challenge or there are a few teams who aren't competitive, just working together on a common theme, is so AWESOME!! ,, does this sound GOOD to you? IT DID ME!! ANd as you see from above I AM DOING THIS!!

It's NOT EASY if it was ,,, there would be NO obese people. NO ONE Wants to live the life I lead. Though MANY would LOVE what to what I can do now!!! Yes, when LOL not dealing with a broken foot, I can and DO walk 3 plus miles daily, I am OFF the meds, I AM living still on my own (with Izzy on my lap purring. Wincey died 8 years ago) I was helping to raise my GD at that time when I joined, she's grown this past weekend and many others, I had my GGS and hey he was my 30 lb (LOL at 2 years old, he's TALL AND SOLID!) weight to TOSS AROUND as if he were paper! To no longer have PAIN as the center of your life? There is NO MAGIC to this, but HARD WORK, but you WILL WIN IN THE END!!

PLEASE DO join us on the 2019 FALL 5% CHALLENGE!! Here's the link. PLEASE make sure you hit the "Join this team" button than under the Pick Your Team Forum please pick a team you'd like to be on. There are 12 teams so this is SUPER FUN!!


I am ONLY 1 of HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS who have been on the 5% Challenge team (teams, once you join you MUST PICK a team to join below under the Pick Your Team Forum) who have had TRUE and LASTING SUCCESS!!! WOOHOO!!

I am STILL DRAWN to tears when I look back over where I was and HOPELESS to where it is I AM NOW!! HOPEFUL!! The past 8 weeks have been HORRENDOUS for me, but they are turning around. YUP HOPEFUL not HOPELESS. Oh for those who I've not told, I DO have my car back and IT IS WORKING!! WOOHOO the transmission was fixed at almost 1/2 the price I was quoted of 3500 to 4000!! I'm THRILLED!

TY For ALL THE SUPPORT during these past 8 weeks.

SEE???? the SUPPORT!! WOOHOO!!! Some blog readers are not currently a part of the 5%, but MANY are.

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