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I'm in the central time zone...

Sunday, September 15, 2019

...which I mention in explanation for why last night's entry was so abbreviated. I realized, in the middle of the concert, that I wouldn't get credit for scribbling a blog on September 14th if I waited until returning to the hotel to write something, even if I did so before the clock struck 12. Because I'm still listed as being in the eastern time zone as far as Spark cares, and it doesn't matter if you use the app, it doesn't have whatever location services magic might allow it to determine where I am geographically located and what time it is there. So a quick blurb, and I keep the streak alive.

Turns out, no matter how much i enjoyed the show, I might have been better off resting. Had a bit of a rough day at work today, the last hour or two particularly dragging as the congestion set back in as the drugs wore off. Frankly, I felt like I had better luck last night eating some Extra Hot Chili Lime Pringles chips, so far as opening my sinuses goes, than I did taking the cold meds I bought in the afternoon. Maybe I should smuggle a few of those to work tomorrow, you know, for emergency use only?

If I manage to go to sleep in the next hour, I'll get 7+ hours, which should be sufficient. Except I wandered out to get food today, and ended up going on an hour's walk. It was warm outside, and the heat felt good. But maybe I should have just come back to the hotel and relaxed. See how it affects me tomorrow, I guess.

I hopped on the scale at the clinic I was working in today, and it....was unfriendly. I haven't eaten badly so far, and I've done my fair share of wandering around yesterday, and today. Not sure what that's all about. I'll just wait until I get home to my scale to enter a next weight into this website.
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