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Day 27/ Morning Musings On Goals And Other Tidbits

Friday, September 13, 2019

This is about where I am on my virtual walk of the Appalachian Trail (AT)!!! I had no idea my Fitbit was still sending information to the site! I'm almost done with it! It has taken me a long time, but yay, all the same!

So, I'm reading Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy (read Do It Scared by Ruth Soukup first, otherwise the whole book seems so negative!!) and he has a way of making everything seem so difficult. Eat the ugliest frog first. I like Ruth's take on his book and have brought that attitude with me when I read his book. To me, the biggest, ugliest frog is my biggest, most important goal. I have two that are of equal value, but one gets done first: Working out. Weight loss and getting in shape have been my goal for a while, and I want to reach that goal in one year. Now that is not to say that there is not more to do after that year is over... just that the shape of the goal will change. My other, equal goal, is to learn to sew. My therapist helped me come up with a daily goal of watching 10-15 minutes (at least) of videos on my sewing machine and learn how to use it better. I found a great site for this. I totally did not do it yesterday, but yesterday was a Bad Day. We won't speak of it.

My goal for sewing for by the EOM (End of Month) is to learn how to make the toddler tie I want to make and buy the supplies. Making it will be part of next month's goals.

My third and fourth goal are to train my dog Hope to become a service dog (SD) and to become a better Homemaker (learn to cook, cleaning routine, learn how to keep things clean, etc.). My 5th goal (these last three are in no particular order they are equally important to me as well) is to become a closer knit family, spend more time together, that kind of thing. I have more goals, but those are the main ones. I've learned that working on the main ones is the most important thing I can do because if I worked on all my little goals as if they were as important as my Big Goals, I would end up accomplishing nothing, like I have been doing. Since I have more than one main goal, I use a composition notebook along with the workbook for those projects/homework that needs to be done on all the goals. Most do not, but he has you write a lot of detail and I find having the notebook for extra writing to be helpful.

I'm supposed to be working out first thing in the morning, so right now, but I'll be honest, I'm tired. Not enough to sleep, but enough that I'm afraid I'd slide right off the treadmill!! I'm going to plan my workout, do some morning yoga, and make sure I work out today. It actually helps with bipolar to work out regularly. Proven fact.

One thing I can't decide on for my store, once I open it, is what kind of dog to get for my 'model dog'. Will be a family pet, of course, but will also model all my clothes, whatever I make, I'll make one for that size dog as well. It means taking the dog to obedience classes (a lot) so the dog will learn to, if I eventually open a store, be friendly and stay and be good with other dogs, and sit still enough for pictures for the website. Rescue, or some kind of purebred? Small dog, or medium? For now, Pickles our small rescue and Hope, my Golden SD prospect will be my models. I can't bring another dog into the house now. But it is something to think about. Not critical, but something that will affect the branding of my shop/boutique.
I was wondering what I was going to do/read when I got done with Eat That Frog. I love fiction books, but tend to get way too carried away and read as much as possible and ignore other things. I need to work on putting a time limit on my reading before I start reading my fiction again. Then I look down and see this binder I got that is from Ruth Soukup: (IM) Perfectly Productive, it's a workbook. I downloaded it some time back and finally printed it, but then found Eat That Frog and wanted to read it first. So, now I know what my next book/workbook will be. I'll allow myself some reading time at night on a series that DH has me reading. It is a great series, truly, but it can be a little dense, so I don't read too much of it at once. That will be my before bed reading, to have when I'm drinking my nightly tea. I'm trying really hard to get into a before bed routine that soothes me and helps me sleep more. I'm looking for a before bed yoga routine that is easy, and something that I could possibly do again if I wake up in the middle of the night to help soothe me back to sleep again.

I've taken to wearing more makeup again. I'm an Ipsy member and trying to get into eyes and lips more at first. Then I will add the other stuff. I need lots of tutorials. It is not high on my list of goals, but I want to be able to wear makeup and look good. I just added a white-color-changing-foundatio
n to my Amazon cart. I think it will be neat to use, and if I don't like it, my ODD will want it.

We are going to Grandma's for Thanksgiving, even if it means no NJ for after Christmas. I'm so happy! Not that I don't want to go to NJ, I do, but I REALLY want to see the family and I especially want to see my BFF in MS!!! I miss her and have not seen her in SO LONG!! We talk and message all the time, we are there for each other, always, through good times and bad. But I miss seeing her. I only got to know her for a little while before we moved and I really want to hug her neck. She is coming here for our birthday's in April (we are 1 yr and 5 days apart) and she'll be staying here in the basement, I insisted. Can't have her coming all the way here and staying in a hotel room, I know she can't afford. So excited!! I still have to ask Grandma if it is okay if she comes and visits at the house or if I need to go visit with her somewhere else. Grandma is not doing so well, but she is almost always up for more company during holidays.

Okay, I'm off to shower before I get the kids up for the day!

TGIF to you all and I hope you got more sleep than I did!!


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    that Appalachian Trail sounds neat! i've been thinking of virtually walking that one next. sounds like you have some great plans. i have sewing on my plan list too--have a plan to set up an area dedicated for that purpose so i can sew to my hearts content when ever i want without a lot of effort. i'm using some favorite, but out grown clothing to make a lovely dust cover for it.
    64 days ago
    It is so wonderful to hear you talk about your future business and thinking things through like what dog will model for you. So fun!!
    64 days ago
    :-D That's an awesome meme about music at 3AM!! :-D :-D Also: legs-up-the-wall, aka Viparita Karani. Seriously. Do that 15 minutes at night before bed, then drink your tea and finish relaxing. It should make a good difference for you! It's also good for getting kids to settle down-I use it at Latchkey now and then instead of everyone getting in trouble for being too wound up. I hope it works for you! emoticon
    64 days ago
  • LINDA058
    65 days ago
  • LOF7203
    Thanks for sharing
    65 days ago
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