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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Yesterday I had a few surprises at my Doctor's office. For over a month, I have had some very high early morning glucose numbers. They did not match up with my A1C, and instead of (what I thought would be) more medications, I will be buying a new glucose monitor. My BP numbers have been very high in the morning. They were not high in the doctor's office, and I will be buying a new BP monitor. I was also given instructions on how to take my blood pressure. While both machines will set me back a little bit financially, I am thrilled! I will return to the doctor with the numbers from the new machines.

I have a small wound on my nose that has not healed in a year. My doctor was very concerned about that, and I will be visiting the dermatologist soon. It could get ugly, but there's a way through this situation.

Taking Blood Pressure
Steps to follow:
Take it on the left or right arm (right-handed) and (left-handed). Unless your doctor or nurse specifically tells you to take one or the other.
The first blood pressure measurement must be the first thing in the morning upon waking. This measurment is important because you are completely at rest. Thus, none of the pressure is due to exercise or daily activities.
Blood pressure should always be measured before taking any medication, we must choose a suitable place for taking blood pressure. It should be quiet with a table that allows us to put everything you need and clearly see the screen of your device.

Sit in a straight chair with your back well supported, both feet on the ground, legs uncrossed squarely, adopting a relaxed posture. The sleeve of the sphygmomanometer will be placed at the height of adapting well to the circumference of your arm and taking care that the indicator is positioned over the brachial artery. We must also support our elbow on the table without forcing the posture. It can be very useful to put a pillow under his arm to support the elbow. Your arm should never be elevated above the level of your heart, doing so will skew the results.
Obese people need to buy a larger cuff. Once well positioned begin to measure blood pressure, activating our meter.
This process must be repeated 3 times leaving a rest period of about 2 minutes. When we have three blood pressure results, you have a good idea of what your blood pressure reading is.
The second blood pressure test should be at noon before eating and before taking the medication prescribed by our physician. The same process as explained above to sit and making three measurements waiting two minutes between them.
The last measurement with the sphygmomanometer will be in the evening, before dinner and before taking any medication prescribed for that time. This process should be repeated for three consecutive days.
Normal values with this system are those that do not exceed the arithmetic mean that do not exceed 135 mm Hg for maximum for systolic and 85 mm Hg for diastolic pressure. Often the first test values are above the second and third. This is partly due to the variability of the blood pressure and partly to concerns about your blood pressure, it is called reaction alert and not important.
The blood pressure values should be discussed with your doctor. Self measurement is a good technique but may not be suitable for certain hypertensive patients. You should never self-medicate according to your blood pressure results, unless previously discussed with a physician
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