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So Long Wednesday!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Today was just as crazy as I thought it would be and early on I had to change my plans to volunteer at registration for Bible study. I had to go to the pharmacy on my way to the church for meds Tim needed for his anxiety. Rough week in Reno. I barely made it on time.

The study is going to be a good one and I was thankful to have the same group leader (she is so fun) and several of the ladies from the previous group. The "Seamless" study is....

So happy for this weekly event being back in my schedule!

After the study I headed to Meridian to drop off the meds at Tim's office so they could overnight them. Today he had to tell them that the current plan of action is going to end in failure. Tomorrow he said he will make lots of people mad when he tells them what needs to happen to fix all of it. His anxiety is quite high and he didn't sleep well last night. I just heard from him and he was going to the level below the casino level to explore as he needed to walk and think. He already has his itinerary for the trip back to Reno next week.

Next up for me was the meeting at school with Isaac and the basketball coach. It did not go like I'd hoped as Isaac completely shut down on me as we walked into the building. I could barely get a few small head nods out of him throughout the meeting. It was helpful for me to hear the coaches perspective and unfortunately the outcome was.....

Hopefully with time for Isaac to process what he heard I can find some things to take back to the others. There has to be something this coach needs to do rather than ignore him so that he doesn't make Isaac upset. What???

I took him to Dairy Queen to get supper and ice cream. I wanted ice cream too.

Tried a Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Blizzard. It was a nice treat for a rough few days! Isaac and I enjoyed our treats while watching Scooby Doo and then he took a nap before Meg arrived to take him for their session and to youth group. I did a few little things before asking Maegann to come spend time with me in the living room.

I called her out for something she has been doing behind our backs and she finally broke down when she knew it was no longer a secret. That brought a long conversation about "what else" and again my suspicions were confirmed. We discussed a lot, but one big topic was her faith. Let's just say I am leaving it here:

My prayer warriors are being asked that God pursue her relentlessly when the time is right. It's all that can be done at this point.

The living room is mine for the night as she is getting ready for sleep and Isaac will be home soon from youth group and I'll send him off to bed as well. I am watching MasterChef right now and then I will either watch Songland or Criminal Minds.

Tomorrow morning I am home and then a huge gift with great timing is a massage at noon (90 minutes) and I've asked for the enhancement of Rapid Tension Release. Isaac will spend several hours with Isaac beginning about 3 and Maegann will be home around 7:30 as the second competition (hairstyle) is happening.

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