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A perfectionist NO MORE!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

On the AWESOME A team a part of the 5% Challenge (if you are looking for a team that's very supportive please check OUT the 2019 Fall 5% Challenge!! Here's the description: Race to Fascinating Places - 8 Weeks this fall. Join a supportive team and let's have fun as we lose 5% of our weight, make new friends and improve our health! Starts in Sept. date to be announced. If interested please go my list of teams and click on the 2019 Fall 5% Challenge. Please do pick a team you think will fit what you are looking for once you join. There are 11 teams to choose from. THANKS to the 5% Challenge I've lost 120 lbs!!) we are doing a SELF CARE month for September.

Today's self care has us thinking about: Aim to be good enough, rather than perfect.

I have for an eon of years joked, but it wasn't really a joke "I am a personality AAAAAAA+++"

But, I realized how much stress that was actually adding into my life!!

So I started to really look at my daily activities:

Would get quite upset if I made any errors here on Sparks (I was the ML, Motivational Leader for the SUD team at that time) and it would deeply upset me, if I sent out an email that wasn't worded ever just so (It happens a lot!). Now I am up a position on the AWESOME A team on the 5% Challenge as the CL , Challenge Leader. Though I don't like mistakes it doesn't upset me nearly as much as it used to. I used to get so upset if a link didn't work. Well I am much better at links, though not perfect, and guess what?

I can now accept not always having to be perfect at links!!! I do my best, and hey, it's OK!! I just send out a correction and how else to get the page I wish for the team to get to along with another try for the link. It's OKAY!! In life, I realize some things we may not be able to do. At times my mind goes MUCH faster than my fingers and words do get missed in team emails and blogs etc. If I don't catch it, I no longer get really upset. Oh I try to do my best, but it happens now and then. I just shake my head and accept it. It's Ok.

When I overeat ,,, and see if you see yourself in this, I'd get so upset!! I'd put myself DOWN and call myself names: Pig!! IDIOT!! STUPID!! OH WHY CAN'T I DO ANYTHING RIGHT!!??? That was SO DUMB!! Why AM I SO DUMB!!

Sound kinda familiar? Now when I over eat I say to myself: WOW!! That was so GOOD!! I am glad I ate it. Starting right off I'm right back in the game, this is something I Chose to do (no one can force feed me!)and its okay!!

Notice?: NO More putting myself down!! I'd NOT say say anything nasty to my GD or GSS if they enjoyed something sweet etc why do so to myself?

Finances are stressful at the moment and I've had to go on a stricter budget. If I spend a little bit on something I first ask myself "Necessary or want?" Some times a want is ok, and if so, it's not something for me to get upset about. I wrote out a budget, and I am pretty good about sticking to one. But in the past with a PERSONALITY AAAAAA+++++ I allowed for NO errors. Now it's Ok.

How has this, or has this benefited me in not being such a perfectionist? Ahhhhhh I actually now relax and really relax. I am sleeping so much better!! Best of all it frees up a lot of anxiety!!! If someone stops by unexpectedly and hey I've not vacuumed that day, or dusted or I have a dirty plate in the sink,,, it's OKAY!!!! It never used to be. Chasing dust though is tiring!

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

On the 5% Challenge weekly we do what's known as a LTGL (Living The Good Life) and our team earns points as we race other teams, if we complete the LTGL For that day (Such as how many glasses of water did you drink (8 is the max), did you track your food today? Was your junk food not in an area you see often (so in the cupboard, back further in the fridge etc) for the day?

These are LTGLs are a life habit building skill for success. Now not every day/week (each LTGL runs for a week) are all the LTGLs easy for everyone. Some may be (I've got the water one down NOW, but I it was a HUGE Struggle at first!) but when it's a struggle and we still try, it builds us up, but what if we don't complete the challenge that day? Hey, I now know that's OKAY!! Its one that I then realize I need to work on!! That's OKAY!!

I LOVE the 5% Challenge for helping me out so MUCH!! It really IS a successful, supportive team. Plz try us if you haven't and if you had in the past, but aren't currently remember how much you learned? Enjoyed? Come on home.

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