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Wednesday Afternoon.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Nothing exciting here another dreary day, but I will take dreary over hot and humid any day. It did stop raining enough yesterday that we did get the whole yard mowed, took both of us with no break and hour and half, so actually 3 hours of mowing, but it sure looks nice. But with all the rain over the last several days I am sure we will have to do it all over again this weekend. Another poor day for those who want to go to the fair, they usually have thousands of people each day, but with all the rain I am sure that the attendance is way down from there prosperous years. Mother Nature always wins no matter how hard we try to change it, and it's a good thing we can't, cause us humans would surely not be kind to her and we would end up destroying our wonderful planet, as we are already trying to.

Later this evening Larry and I have to go to the funeral home for a visitation for the man that owned the Implement Store here. That is one of Larry's stops every morning during his morning coffee and grab sections. I also worked there a few years before I ruined my shoulder, as once a week I went in and cleaned the office and parts area. Just a little blow money, well can't really call it blow money, as he paid me well for the couple hours I was there. But, when it was a business with all men, it was challenging sometimes. He had lost his battle with cancer, for the last two years or more his whole life has been Drs. and Hospitals, from Texas to Chicago to Iowa City, you name it he was there. Just couldn't get ahead of it, and it won. I shouldn't say it won, cause actually when the person dies it also dies. And I am sure there will be lots of people there tonight, as his family has lived here since the town was settled, and the funeral is going to be huge, as they are using the dining area with chairs for the serve, and the dinner is going to be in the Community Center. Larry and I will not be going to the funeral, leave room for someone else. Like for the ones that don't miss a funeral just for the meal. Now we all know there are those who do that. We have a couple who will drive 50 miles for a Hot Dog, if it free, and there might be a drawing. lol Sad, isn't it.

Well, just heard the drier shut off so better Split, and go get it folded and put away. So take care and have a GET day. Linda
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