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Playing hooky

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Is that an old timer's expression? Ah...well. I am attending a meeting through Zoom as I work from home about the results of the study on our Corporate Culture. Or, "Are you f__ing kidding me?" as my husband said.

It was difficult going back to work after having a week off. I actually began to pick things up around my house. I was sleeping better. I didn't obsess over stupid interactions with others at work.

I find myself having stepped across the divide from undeclared and extremely lengthy "middle age" to "older person." Not having had children, my husband and I had no rude awakening as to our irrelevance and inability to recognize current pop music hits. It seemed to hit me after I let my hair go gray. And after a wave of retirements over a period of years, I find myself surrounded by younger people, mostly. Mostly a lot younger. I just turned 63.

I am reading a book by the sci-fi author Ursula K. LeGuin: "No Time to Spare: Thinking About What Matters". The author published the book in her eighties. She died in 2018. Aside from the fact that her writing is wonderful to read, she's got that love affair with words that makes a good writer, it's making me feel not so old at 63.

The ground is shifting under my feet at work. Was being uber-friendly to new people in my department, until I realized that it was a waste of time. Being mocked for smiling. I went over this in previous blogs. Anyhow, I have now finally lost my naivety for good this time. (She says convincingly).

So I focus on doing my job, which I was told I do exceptionally. I protect myself emotionally from the underlings (those who don't have years of experience as I do in my job) because they are just going to come looking to knock me out of their way once they master what they are being trained to do). I am taking care of myself, and only myself, at work.

I am trying to reshape my eating habits, going after the excessive snacking and indiscriminate cashew munching. I have limited my snacks down to the minimum for me. I am trying to eat only raw vegetables while I prepare dinner. Or perhaps a sliced apple and water. I joined a couple of challenges that involve getting 10 or 20 minutes of exercise.

I feel discouraged with myself for not having totally nailed this by now, but, hey, that's life. Must go listen in on meeting now (I am working home today) so that I can help increase our organizational excellence.

May God have mercy on my soul.

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  • LINDA!
    We are close in age. I am 64. I am now retired. However, I think that we were of the generation where we did smile at co-workers. We tried to get along with co-workers because we were with them approximately 40 hours per week. The generation now seems more interested in communicating by text, social media...not as many social interactions as we did. I think it is a shame that we also are now considered "old" and not important by many. I notice it in malls, churches, etc. I still go out and try to not notice if young people do not make eye contact anymore. It is a shame that everything has changed and not for the better in some ways.
    8 days ago
    Love Ursula and definitely adding this book to my list.

    Even though I am about ten years behind, I feel you. Wife and I have stopped calling ourselves "middle aged," though are not able to embrace "young-old" (a horrid term, if you ask me.)

    I love who and where you are. Thank you for posting some of your thoughts and adventures with us.
    8 days ago
    That sounds like a very toxic work environment, if you can't even smile without hearing about it in a negative way. You can file a report on anything that is like that. It sounds like you are valued by the management, and they'd probably like to know about who is giving you a hard time.

    I don't understand what your husband was talking about. It sounds rude to come up to someone and say such a thing!
    9 days ago
    Yes, I remember the crazy "trainings" that were supposed to make everyone more productive. The thousands/millions of dollars companies I worked for spent on needless, pointless, "systems" that did nothing. I always said, "just let us make the widget we are here to produce. PLEASE!"

    Those things must be what business professors do to earn their keep, and then the rest of us get stuck doing them.

    My hope is to never dye my hair either. I'd like to take the time and money for that and put it towards being healthy. Nothing looks better than an older woman who can move easily and who is able to do the activities she loves.

    Sounds like the residual stress from the coworkers is causing you to fall short of your snacking goals. I like your strategies I've read elsewhere. Certainly the walking is great. When things are tough, think about that paycheck!!! Not the poor behavior of coworkers.


    McDougall Plan Coleader

    Keep blogging!!
    10 days ago
    Good for you being able to attend via zoom.
    11 days ago
    I really like how you have carved out your own personal space, believe me when I say that wisdom comes with age! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    11 days ago
    Naivety comes in spurts for me. I'm 70 and at random I hit my forehead because I let my guard down. I have to be careful there's a fine line between being kind and big naive. I can relate.
    11 days ago
    You have beautiful hair, maybe you should go with a super updated do for it? I see that all the time on Pinterest. One of my other girlfriends rinses hers with lavender, but yours is such a pretty color, you really don't need that.

    Question, do you have to correct the younger girl's work? That may be why they are acting the way they are? Just a thought. In any case that is just too bad if that is why they are being the way they are being.

    I am working on what I hope is my last 8 to 10 pounds and the good news is this has taken me a long while too! Better for your skin not to hurry. Sounds like you have your snacking in hand. Yay!
    11 days ago
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