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Day 22/ Blog 2/ The Daily Plan Starting Monday!!!

Sunday, September 08, 2019

So EXCITED!! I've been having so many mental health problems, emotional problems, firing my therapist and trying to do it nicely and her NOT taking it well.... yeah, it's been a week.

But, though my mental health is still not at it's best, I know that exercise and eating right will help. I know that staying busy will help. And I see my new therapist on Tuesday. They actually have strict rules at this new place about therapist/client relationships. If the therapist feels he/she is to close to you to make a nonjudgmental comment/suggestion/whatever, they will let you know and have you see someone else. I like that. I'm seeing a guy, because every female I've seen has gotten too close to me, decided I was more their friend, and told me things about their life that made me wonder who was actually 'on the couch.' The only exception for the few males I saw was the guy who wanted to write a book about me, and I just thought that was rude.

So, the routine. I wanted to share it to get any ideas y'all may have, and I wanted to have it down where I can be held accountable!! I'm about to go downstairs to the basement when I'm done here and make sure the treadmill is clean, and maybe mop the floor again, it gets so dirty from the dogs coming in with wet paws in the morning (not the whole area, just near the back door).

0500 - Wake up, dress (workout clothes should be set out from the night before's before bed routine), start coffee and take out my pup, Hope. Start on Daily Do It Sheet from To Do List/Brain Dump from the night before. Make sure to keep to priorities and remember the 80/20 rule!

0530 Wake kids. Stay upstairs till they are out of their rooms and moving downstairs. Keep the kids moving through their morning routine, which is posted on the fridge. Wake ODD, every 2 minutes, as needed to get her out of bed. Morning Devotion from Jesus Calling at breakfast and discuss whatever we are doing that afternoon.

0750 Kids out the door. Go make sure DH is awake, if he has not already left and say good morning, then head downstairs to the basement with the dogs and get started on workout routine (Hope will have to go on a leash attached to the stationary bike or she will eat everything. She ate the outside grip off of my 5 pound weights, had to toss them because they hurt my hands when I tried to use them). Warm up, walk on treadmill, then beginner calendar 2.0 from Blogilates. Will probably do the calendar 2 months in a row, because I'm just that out of shape, lol. Do what I can, modify when needed. Cool down/yoga/stretching.

____ (Time to be figured out as I go) Shower, dress (outfit picked out the night before), do something nice for myself (face mask, shave legs, etc)

____ Watch sewing video, find make/model and watch informational videos at first, look up beginner video series to watch, things that I'll 'need' or 'want' for when I start sewing and what kind of material I'll need to have on hand. Or take at least 15-30 minutes to read in the book on sewing that I bought. Or reading the actual manuel of my machine (probably videos first, I have so much terminology to learn!!) Note: if making Italian bread that day, work on the dough starter (biga) from the previous night before moving on to this step so it will start rising for dinner.

____ Work with Hope on training alternating in the garage, backyard and in the house. First several days in the garage, work with the door closed, just let her get used to it so she won't spook, this is for her fear training. Working in the backyard so she will learn to listen to me no matter where we are. And working in the house either in the living room or entertainment room on leash, learning to heel, stop when I stop, sit when I stop, turn when I turn, that kind of thing. Set alarm for every 1 1/2 hour. Plus occasionally through the day just go through the commands she knows for treats, she loves that. Teach one new command/trick at a time for fun, and to build confidence

____ Start on housework. Block schedule through the day what is most important or takes the most time to complete (things like laundry that you have to keep coming back to, and dishes, etc) Or once a week things like shampooing the rug and steaming the couches, which are due to be done. Go from list made while having morning coffee, and weekly list off of ToDoist with weekly/monthly list of chores.

I'll be logging my food the day before, so I know what I'll be having and won't go over my calorie range. And get enough protein. I didn't know that my hair would not grow back if I wasn't getting enough protein and could possibly fall back out. I went a few months being really spotty with my protein shakes over the summer.

After lunch, I have a pamper time scheduled as well as computer time. If I need to, during pamper time, I'll take a nap. But it will be for if I want to do something nice for myself, or read a nice fiction book, that kind of thing. Drink some hot tea. Relax before the kids come home. I'll also have time set aside to work on my current informational/self-help book. Right now I'm still working on Eat That Frog, because it doesn't want you to rush through it, only one chapter a day. Then I'll get things ready for the kids coming home, prepare them a snack or whatever I need to set out for them, water, gatorade, whatever they may need. Make things easier to get homework done so we can talk and get on with whatever our plans are for at home.

I have my before bed routine written down and am working on tweaking it. I'm also deciding on the order of the kinds of housework and when to do my personal work and computer time. I want to stop screen time for the kids at 8 when they start getting ready for bed and 8:30 for me when I start getting ready for bed.

After school routine has been being taken advantage of, because I want to hear about their day and they think that overrides homework, or that they can't do homework while they snack. Teens. LOL.

Well, that is my routine in a very short version, I have it all typed out on excel spreadsheets and printed out, plus I'm using ToDoist, so it's just a matter of tweaking things so that my schedule fits with me and my groove, LOL.

Hope you have a great rest of your day, and I'll be starting blogging in the evening as of tomorrow!! Let you know how my first day goes!


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    Sounds like a good plan!
    70 days ago
  • EISSA7
    Good luck...hope that you have a successful Monday!
    70 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Sounds like a wonderful plan for your day. You have inspired me to do the time blocking method again. Hope you have a great Monday!
    70 days ago
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