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Day 22/ My 3 Big Goals/ Eat That Frog!!

Sunday, September 08, 2019

Up super early, back to bed, I think I sleep walked again last night because I woke up to my weighted blanket not being on me, and I'm so used to it's comfort that it wakes me after a while if it is not on. But it was thrown back as if I had gotten up. Maybe I just went to the bathroom and didn't notice? I didn't notice anything out of place in the rest of the house.....

Just me and Hope up right now, she's got a treat toy, and I've got my coffee. About to wake the kids up. We go to church early to help with set up most Sunday's, we are a small church and can't afford a building so we meet in the community center's gym. But I kinda like it, because, as the pastor says, the building isn't the church, the people are. I like that. I'm trying to gel with the new Bible Study group (MC: Missional Community) that we joined but we missed two days, last week we were all sick, and this week was dessert night, and the moods I've been having, I would have not been able to stay away. We are still working on my meds and my doctor's last message to me was to stop a medication he had me stop two weeks ago. He's normally on top of his game, so I'm wondering what is going on, if he didn't document it or something.

I have a HUGE to do list this week, so trying to divvy it out among the week, but that is kinda hard to do as some of it depends on the kids help or other things. It's a bit overwhelming... no, it is overwhelming! With my mood de-stabilized because of the medication, I'm a mess, and it is hard to stay on task. I see the doctor in two more weeks, but I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to function well till then. I'm trying my best though!!

I'm trying to 'eat my frog' first, which simply means doing my most important tasks, my Big Goals, first. A lot of people get that mixed up and think it means to do the job you hate the most first... what a horrible way to get up in the morning!! No! Your 'frog' is what is most important to you. For me it is three things (you're supposed to pick one, but I can't these three are HUGE to me): Losing Weight, Learning to Sew, Training my SDiT Hope. I don't have enough of the right material to sew anything right now, so I'll be watching sewing video, and reading a book I bought on sewing, and reading the owner's manual. I have a lot of sewing terms to learn!! I have some projects picked out for when I can buy some material. For losing weight I have my meal plans and workouts planned out, I just need to log everything on SP and keep up with doing everything daily, with Sunday as my rest day, so I start Monday morning. And for Hope, she will be starting working every 1 hr and 30 min (timer on phone) working in the garage to get used to it for three days, she already finds it's new smells interesting (without the car in it) and then with the garage door open and lots of tiny peices of cut up all beef hot dogs. She loves those. We will slowly work our way towards the front of the garage and closer to the front yard and outside. She does fine in the back yard, and we play fetch with tennis balls a LOT when she goes out to potty. Or just to go play, lol. And she is going to start learning new commands, so one time we'll go in the garage, the next we'll work on a new - fun - command. I need to build her confidence, and knowing more commands for more treats will help with that.

For reference, I first read Ruth Soukup's Do It Scared first, which referenced eating your frog from Brian Tracy's Eat That Frog, which I am now reading and doing the workbook (with a composition notebook since I have three Big Goals). His book can be a little dense and I had to look up what some things meant in chapter three for the workbook, that was when I found that so many people think that eating your frog means doing what you dislike the most first. No way! That would be so hard. Granted, he does not do a very good job of explaining this, and without reading Do It Scared first, I would be thinking the same thing.

With that, I must go get ready!! Today we will be doing a lot of running around (hopefully hubby will be feeling up to it, I'm tired of looking at the stuff for donation piling up in the front entryway!!)

Have a Blessed day!!

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