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Friday, September 06, 2019

I guess this is true, but somedays it is just hard to get out of bed. lol

Today we did all the recyclable stuff in the horse trailer and over to the recycle center. What a job that was once we got there. Thank goodness the gal in the metal cage, as if anyone was going to rob can, bottles, plastic, card board and such, was nice, as there was about 20 people there and no one would even smile back at you. But I guess if my job was going thru garbage I wouldn't be smiley either. And then here is 2 - 70 plus people trying to lift a plastic 55 gallon barrel of squished cans into this huge, tall container, and everyone just turns their back and lets you struggle. But I wouldn't want their job, so I am not complaining except a smile doesn't hurt anyone. And it only cost US $70. to get rid of our pile of tires, which we have moved around for me 20 years, and it is hard telling how many years they were there before I was in the picture. Would have been a lot cheap if hubby would have gotten rid of them as they wore out. But you know, WE MIGHT NEED THEM SOMEDAY, yeah, when I say, when do you need an old blown out tire. If you know something I don't know, would you please let me know. lol Anyway, I guess we lived thru the situation, and maybe put this on our calendar maybe twice a year, or when a smaller container is full. But for now it is done. And on the way home here we are in these grubby clothes, and me in my mud slip on boots, and hubby's say let's go to Scooters for dinner, and I looked at myself and thought why not it shows at least I still am working along side hubby. At least everyone that comes in there is a working person and there is not a fashionesta in sight, they all want a good meal at a reasonable price. So with my extraction I still am sticking with soft food, so had a half Hot Beef, (all you central U. S. people know what I am talking about), and hubby had a Hamb. and Potato Salad. But why is it that hubby always wants to eat out when we look our worst. lol

Well, the rest of the day my only Mission is to fold a load of laundry, Hubby's favorite shirts and such, and then clean the laundry room and kitchen. So you all take care and have a GET day. Linda
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  • PICKIE98
    The ONLY thing our trash pick-up will not take is tires.They take anything else. I have had a 10 foot by 10 foot by five feet high pile of trash, including shingles, bikes,water heater, insulation, appliances,,etc. It all went. We also have a yard waste pickup, but I never use it, I recycle it all back into my yard.
    Our recycle pickup is every other week. It is all included in our taxes.

    In Michigan, pop cans and carbonated beverage bottles are returnable, so they are never in our trash.
    95 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    Urban areas tend to have more options as far as curbside recycling. Some are even included in their taxes or as part of their utility or trash bill. In my much more rural area, I had no recycling options at all for years unless I wanted to haul everything out of town to the nearest city. They finally put in bins to take your stuff to, and then a local company re-purposed an old sugar beet plant (how fitting right?) and now they have 2 days a week where they accept drop offs and they partner with local groups as a fund-raiser to host additional drop off points Saturday mornings. We pay $3 for a large bag for plastics (which they split with the group hosting the Saturday morning site), but paper/cardboard/glass/metal are all free to recycle. I still take my metal to another place where I get paid for it, but last time I got $6 for a carload of squashed aluminum and like 27 cents for a huge bag of food cans and other non-aluminum scrap so I may just start taking that to the same place. They have started curbside recycling, but for $7 a month I just can't do it when I can take it in only when necessary and it will only cost me $3 and a few minutes of my time.

    Recycling is something I get pretty excited about. Sorry for my long winded comment.
    96 days ago
    Cardboard, paper, plastic, glass jars & bottles, and food cans (rinsed, of course) I let the recycle truck from our waste service pick up. Any kind of scrap metal or aluminum I stash in the garage until I have a couple bins full, then take to the scrap yard that pays me for it. Never had to deal with used tires, though - the car dealer deals with the old ones when I buy new ones.
    96 days ago
  • GORDON66
    The garbage and recycling are picked up the same day. While it might seem like it's free, waste collection is included in our taxes. The guy across the street has some tires next to his garage, and I know his neighbors are not happy about the eye sore. I'm not sure why Josh is saving them either. I'm glad you enjoyed your dinner out!


    96 days ago
    It is always amazing what happens when a "pile" is take care of. I have a few of those inside the house!!
    96 days ago
    It's good that you didn't have to cook. And now you have all that recycling GONE. Good job.
    96 days ago
    We are fortunate to have curbside recycling so out it goes each week. When we started recycling in Newfield we had to sort cans, paper, cardboard, bottles by color etc. and take it to the recycling center and place it in the different collection dumpsters.
    Started a circuit training 2 times a week at the Desert fitness. The first session I seriously thought I might have a heart attack I was so exhausted and winded and a little nauseous. Yesterday went much better.
    Have a good weekend
    97 days ago
    could have made swans out of the tyres
    cheers richard
    97 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    Men don't really pay attention to what they look like when they are hungry. I'm glad you just went so that you didn't have to make a meal at home. I love to cook, but sometimes I just don't want to. It's nice to be taken to a restaurant. We have have a restaurant like you just described, it's our go to place. Good food, nothing special, but a decent meal.

    Also you have to pay to recycle? That's something new to me. Our recycling is picked up every week with our regular garbage. I guess that charge is part of our taxes.

    Have a great night.
    97 days ago
    And of course you only run into everybody when you are all grubbed out! I'm glad that you got that job taken care of. Enjoy your weekend!
    97 days ago
    TGIF! emoticon
    97 days ago
    It feels good to get rid of all that stuff, doesn't it!
    97 days ago
    Good job that you got all that stuff taken care of. We take all metals and aluminium material to a reclaim station and get paid by weight. Buys dinner usually. emoticon
    97 days ago
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