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My vision board

Friday, September 06, 2019

Excerpted from an entry in my journal in August 2019:

I have never done a vision board. I've thought about it for years since I came to Spark. I've seen some very inspiring boards posted by other Sparkers. I have saved some of those ideas into an Ideas folder to help me get started. I have googled it and watched You Tube videos.

Coach Dean said to make your goals positive. Get rid of the negative ideas of things you will avoid. I feel the motivation is more sustainable if I am running towards something than if I am running away from something. We all have things we want to leave behind, but what will I GAIN from this journey? How will it make my life better? Someone (maybe Spark?) recommended basing our goals on how we want to feel.

Sparker SIEGRID and I have decided to do our boards in August. Now I have to actually follow through and do it!
It was scary at first. I love art but what if I do it wrong? It's MY vision board. There is no right or wrong. I've "wrecked" art I've created by too many erasures or painting over a perceived imperfection. That's why abstract art appeals to me because the beauty and interpretation is up to the viewer.

Working with posterboard is too unwieldy for me and I have no place to display after it's completed, so I've decided to go with a side-spiral bound artist sketch book. Working with 12 x 12 size pages should give plenty of room. Because it's a book, it can be an ongoing story.

I'm getting excited about it. As I wrote about a few days ago, my visualizations are more of a feeling than a concrete picture. It's how I felt when my body was flexible, and mobility easier. It's freedom and independence.

I've been working on old pictures on another project, some for Ancestry, some for social media, some for family (possibly creating books to have printed with genealogy and pictures to gift family members).
Some of these pictures will also work into my vision board if they capture that freedom and independence since they are my ultimate Spark goal.

Posted by SIMPLY_JAE: Creative people don't have a mess. They have ideas lying around everywhere.
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Here are the results.

My book

Excitement carried me away once I got started. I've worked on 12 pages.

I love this saying! I am more than just an age. Most of the pictures on this page are after 2004 because it has been a period of major life changes. I lost so many and so much of what was dear to me, and made decisions how to deal with this new reality. Thrive, not just survive. The pictures remind me of the good and the not so good. They remind me how I felt and want to feel again, and inspire me to make changes. This chapter is not done.

My current nutrition goals. This is the biggest area of success and struggle now.
Nutrition Goals - September 2019

In case you have trouble reading tiny print (like me), it says:
Stay within calorie range.
Eat more fruits and vegetables. Limit carbs.
Portion control.
Eat when hungry.
Stop eating when approaching full.
Stop eating within 3 hours of bed time.
Make water the beverage of choice. Reach for tea or coffee when I want something besides water.

The next ten pages are personal, how I want to feel, goals to achieve it. The underlying goal is staying independemt. Each page has a different aspect of that goal. For example, the freedom of driving and going where I want when I want, socializing with friends and family, classes I want to take (jewelry making, art, etc), events to attend, activities, walking/hiking, yardwork/gardening, places I want to go or visit again.
You will understand this goal when you reach your golden years. Things you take for granted may become harder to do later. Enjoy every day of your life! I've had a good life, and there's more to come.

The Inspiration book is all part of a work in progress so I will be adding to the pages and creating new pages. I have a lot of ideas. I'm having so much fun doing this. It's triggered my imagination. It can be a great tool to provide clarity about what we really want, and help us dream bigger.
I look through the book every day, sometimes more than once a day, savoring the pictures and ideas, thinking about the goals and the steps to get there.

Okay, SIEGRID, your turn!

I'd love to see more of my friends vision boards or anything visual you are doing to clarify goals and motivate. Please share.

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