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Day 20/Awesome Bubble

Friday, September 06, 2019

I didn't sleep amazing, but I did get sleep. I don't know about an awesome bubble today, but I don't feel depressed, I feel a little positive, but mostly apathetic, just don't really care. I have a ton of stuff to do today, and am determined to do it. I know I won't get it all done, there is too much, but I can at least make a dent in it.

The psychiatrist did not call in my daughter's new ADHD meds or her meds for sleep, so it took forever to get her awake and into the shower and then she just didn't want to move afterwards, so it took 30 minutes to get her to get dressed and downstairs to try to eat some breakfast and get ready for school. I'll be making sure that the meds are called in and taken care of today. One is a sleep med, she has always had trouble sleeping, so I'm hoping this will help. I'm also going to set a reminder on my phone to take away all electronics after they get ready for bed. I'm going to go to Goodwill and buy a basket to keep them in during the night and keep it in my bedroom so it is easy for me to get out and down to them in the morning (DH is usually still sleeping, or at least in bed reading).

Little dog peed in the exercise room and it splashed onto my treadmill and the belt, so I have some serious cleaning to do on my treadmill before I use it again, and make sure it is absolutely dry. I probably won't use it today, just to make sure, or will take a fan down to blow directly on it. I'm so upset with him! I'll have to read the manual to see what is safe to use on it. Luckily I've been going through old paperwork and found the manuel yesterday!! What luck! I've got to mop the exercise room floor again, I mopped the area, but I noticed muddy footprints by the back door where they come in from outside and walk into the exercise room. I need a mat for that area or something!!

Trying to remember this. My mind still remember being in excellent shape and the things my body can do, and that is just not the case any more. I am woefully out of shape, and need to remember I am starting at the beginning again, and there is no shame in that. We all have to start somewhere.

My birthday 'cake' from this last year. I'm putting this one here to remind myself that I can stick to a diet. Tonight at Bible study is dessert night, no meal, just yummies. I am thinking of not going. Oh, I want to go, but the mood I'm in I'll just say F- it and eat something, and I really need to be sticking to my meal plan.

And I just read an article on one of my bariatric sites that says that once you turn 40, if you've had gastric surgery, you need to have more protein... 90g a day!!! Holy moly that is a lot, and shakes are the only way I'll meet that! I can have one shake as a snack, the one I mix with water, it has 23g of protein, and the other as a full meal, it has 50g of protein. I mix it with almond milk and usually frozen strawberries, but sometimes with a tbsp of peanut butter (gonna try almond butter next) and fzn bananas.

I guess I kinda am in my Awesome Bubble. I'm really feeling like I can do this today. Not all the chores on my To Do List, it is overloaded, but my main ones for sure. And I feel like I can... I don't know, just like I can. I usually feel like I can't. Not anything in particular, just everything. I've bought some patterns I've been wanting to buy, not expensive, like $5 or so. One for these awesome crochet boots I want to make a pair for me and for my BFF's (If they don't take forever to make because I've got a bunch of things I want to work on), a tie pattern in 2T for my little cousin with velcro so that it will fit him for a while and not choke him. I've decided on a stitch for the afghan I'm going to make one of my BFF's. I'd love to do it in the star stitch, it would look amazing in red, white, and blue... but I don't know how to do that yet, so half double crochet, so it will be nice and thick and keep her warm.

I also found an old, shawl that my oldest sister used to wear around the house, and asked my nephew if he wanted it. I asked him before I asked his sister because he has girls. I'm going to try to find the picture of her in it and send it as well. And all the jewelry we made together I'm going to send for his girls as well. He said not to, because he wanted me to keep it for memories, and I told him I have the memories, clear as a bell, but his daughters (and he) have nothing of hers. I don't know why, and I'm not going to butt my nose in, but that is what he told me. So, I'm going to send that stuff to him.

And... I finally bought some patterns I've been wanting!! One is for a tie for my little cousin that is velcro, you can find all kinds with elastic, but not velcro. Aunt G said "just change it to velcro!" in a very snippy tone. I'm new to sewing, so I don't know how to improvise and change patterns like that, so I bought the pattern. It was super cheap, so no big deal. I just offered to make one for my God-daughter's youngest as well. Hope I'm not taking on too much... I bought a pattern to some crochet boots I've wanted since I first saw them years ago, again not expensive, but I just never got around to it. I asked my two BFF's for their shoe size and if they wanted some if I can manage it, they will be Christmas gifts. Still have to make a scoodie for my youngest and whatever my oldest wants. I'm going to have to start getting busy!!

Wow, sleepiness just hit me like a wave. I didn't sleep much last night, so I think a nap is in order for as long as my dogs will sleep, which will be about another hour, lol. Then, I will get busy!!!

TGIF to you!

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    Hope you get the medication sorted!

    Naughty dog emoticon cleaning never ends as it is without them "helping"

    Excellent advice about the beginner mindset - I've tried to restart my yoga practice again this week, for the umpteenth time. I know I move better when I do it, particularly coming into winter, but I hate that I'm so bad at it. Not the ohm mindset I know! I'm just sooo competitive. Growth opportunity for sure.

    Do you like greek yogurt? It's a good source of protein =)

    I used to do some cross stitch when I was younger and had fingers that worked better but never got the hang of crochet despite numerous attempts - you're so clever!

    75 days ago
    That's an amazing bubble! How does one get one of those? I don't think I've seen them for sale on Amazon or any stores. LOL!

    That is a LOVELY cake! I think I would like a smaller version of that one for myself when that day comes around again (it is my "YIKES" year!)

    75 days ago
    :-) TGIF to you, too, and I know you'll make it great! :-)
    75 days ago
  • no profile photo -4HEISTHEANSWER
    Keep in that positive bubble. emoticon
    75 days ago
    I hope you have a productive day inside your Awesome Bubble! After a nap, of course. emoticon
    76 days ago
    Hoping you got a bit sleep, and are successful at getting some of your list accomplished.
    76 days ago
    76 days ago
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day! If I went to a desert Bible study 📖 I eat a desert
    76 days ago
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