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Thursday and going to keep busy.

Thursday, September 05, 2019

Well, another busy morning, chores and then to town for our haircut. Then home and hubby loaded up all the iron to take to the recycling junk yard, and he will be gone for a couple hours, so he will probably miss his nap today.

Yesterday at the dentist office and a rough tooth to pull, as it shattered and he had to dig it out on pieces, and then I forgot to stop taking the baby aspirin for a few days and he wouldn't let me go until it quit bleeding and that took almost 45 minutes. I did get home in time for my soap, and then I Kizzy, Shorty, and I slept the afternoon away, and I mean we slept, almost missed fixing supper for hubby. But he would never let that happen, as he has NO culinary skills, well maybe burning a Hot Dog in the Toaster Oven, and heating up Pizza in it. But the Stove, no way, not sure he knows how to turn it on. And there is always popcorn from the Microwave. So it was a hamb, chips, baked beans and watermelon for him, a Campbell's Tomato Soup for me. Not the best, as I prefer homemade soup, but needed to keep it just liquids, so went with a can of soup. But. Desert was Ice Cream and I didn't feel one bit guilty about it. Today I will stick to pretty soft food, maybe will finish that Turkey Alfredo and pick the turkey chunks out of it, and some Oui Yogurt. For dinner I just make myself some Milk Toast with a poached egg. That is what mom always served us when we weren't up to par, and I still enjoy it. My mouth fells really go, just jaw muscles a little stiff and sore, and so far no bruising, so he did a great job.

Well, better try and get a couple things done in the house while hubby is away, as I think when he gets home he is going to want to round up all the stuff,( cans, glass, old tires, an old TV, and such) will be taking then to the recycling center tomorrow. Fredie, you should be proud of us. lol At least it is a wonderful day out there, and not blistering hot and humid. So you all take care and have a GET day. Linda

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