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My First Trail Run (in years)

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Once upon a time I was a beginning runner and I didn't know there were different classifications for street running, trail running, etc. I ran this trail in a 5K race and won first place in my age division. Then I got let life and boredom step in and I quit running. Last year I decided to get back to running but never made it back on a serious, regular schedule. I tried to run this and didn't make it a mile in before I quit.

This year I have been making some changes in my life. I decided in order to keep things going in the direction I wanted that I needed some like-minded friends. No one in my area eats WFPB SOFAS-free like I do (or am trying to) and none of my friends are runners. Actually none of my friends even workout regularly. Get togethers often involve meeting for lunch or dinner -- food is always involved.

So I made some changes. I made some "friends" in FB groups, looking for like minded friends. I found some running groups (Mom's Run This Town) and joined as well as some groups for WFPB SOFAS-free eaters. Making new friends that I have common ground with. My hopes are that like-minded friends will keep me motivated.

I bought some app to train for a 10K. (All previous runs were 5K distances only.) And I started training. My on-line friend from MRTT is a trail runner and her posts are so inspiring that I wanted to give it a try. She sent me articles and videos to watch. I started learning about trail running. I went to the running store and bought trail shoes. Can I say my running shoes are the most expensive shoes I own? lol

So Monday I got up bright and early and I went for a trail run. The same loop that I ran as a newbie (and I was younger than as that was about 8 or 10 years ago) and boy was my time bad. All the running I've been doing this year is about 90% treadmill and 10% street running (with the except of a couple beach runs which is another story completely). That did not prepare me for the trail.

I started a bit on edge -- going into the woods alone -- but quickly found that it's a busy trail and that eased my mind. I encountered one snake which gave me quite a fright. Thank goodness I saw it in time to stop and go around. A couple of the hills are killer! And two days later my legs still hurt! But it was a great run. A great feeling knowing I could do it again -- even if it took a lot longer this time.

Next month I plan to run this exact trail again and see if I can beat my time. Meanwhile I have my very first 10K (I've never run one before) coming up on Saturday (hope it's dry) and am going to meet some of the on-line running friends for a run this month. Topping that off I've just signed up for small group training at the gym. Moving forward into some new ground on my workouts!

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