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Day 16/My REAL Start Day/Happy Labor Day!!

Monday, September 02, 2019

emoticon So, today is my REAL start day. What do I mean by that? It means I'm starting the Blogilates Beginner Calendar (2.0), walking on the treadmill for 15 minutes (I tried last week to see how long I could go and not get too wore out for doing the strength training videos afterwards, and this was a good time for me), starting standing balance program on my off-brand Bosu Ball (thank you EO4WELLNESS for finding all those standing routines for me, I couldn't find any good ones myself!! You rock!), and hip opening yoga flow sequence (it is three rows of exercises, we - my kids are doing this with me - will start with just the first row and each week add a row till we are doing good at doing the whole thing, we will go as slow as we need to so that we don't overdo it). I'm also going to weigh and measure and take a pic, will post in my evening blog today. I got bored, so I decided to write a blog this morning, lol. My usual weigh and measure day is Monday, and for my own personal tracking, I will keep it that way, but for the 5% Challenge, I think it is Saturday.... will have to find out.

Also, drinking more protein shakes and tracking everything I eat on the nutrition tracker. My doctor wants me getting a lot of protein in, and I have not been. It means drinking more than one shake a day. But one of my shakes I only add water to and it is only a few calories, plus it tastes like watered down cherry kool aid because I like it really cold and add a lot of ice to it. I will have it post-workout to replenish my water, and the the recovery protein needed after a good workout. I'm tracking and measuring all my food and trying to work out my calories in the morning. Today my snacks include a new shake that you mix with lemonade, I'm hoping it is good, 1/4 cup of pumpkin seeds, and a banana. I'm going to keep my water bottle full, maybe add some lemon for flavor, drink some unsweet tea with lemon, and I've cut my coffee intake to two cups in the morning. If I feel the need for more, I'll make some tea with honey (yes, I'll track the honey and measure it). So far I don't have enough calories for today. With mainly drinking shakes and just a few snacks, it is difficult. I'm trying to go Paleo, but I think I'll add some oatmeal to my snacks for the day. I should probably go ahead and put in a few teaspoons of honey for the tea I know I'm going to end up having too. I want to get at least 1,000 calories a day, and that is difficult when you drink shakes with water. Well, one of my shakes you mix with diet lemonade. Can't wait to try that one, it is a new sample. I bought a bunch of samples of fruit flavored shakes that I'd mix with water too, they should be here either by the end of the week or early next week, can't wait!!! Of all of them, I really looking forward to grape. May be silly, but I love grape flavored popsicles, so I hope I like this shake!!

Found out from the dentist that I have dry mouth, a common side effect of some of the meds I'm taking, but I'm doing what my other doctor said and sipping water constantly throughout the day to get my water intake in and never noticed. Now that I'm paying attention, I notice it. I wish she had not said anything to me, but now I need to let my psychiatrist know that I am having that side effect. It doesn't really bother me much, I just have to take water with me everywhere, which I was already doing... I just thought I was dehydrated all the time, lol.

Added some instant oatmeal to my tracker, so I would have something warm to eat, I get cold more easily now, and I'm still just barely under my calorie range, 1,153!!! Yay! It's not Paleo, but until I can find something warm to have that is paleo as a snack, I'll stick with instant oatmeal, I love the stuff, and have like three boxes of it! (kept forgetting I had some and bought more, lol!I) I have plenty of snacks for today, so I should be fine, and if the sample of the new shake I'm trying with lemonade turns out awful, I'll just switch it for a cherry shake and that will cut out 100 calories from the lemonade. I added 2 Tbsp of honey, even though I only use 1 tsp per cup of tea, it didn't have tsp as an option, so I'll actually be under what I put on the tracker.

I'll be letting the kids sleep in some, and then we will wake up some, do some light cleaning up after breakfast in the kitchen, clean the basement, and start our workout. We are starting a study of the book of John in the bible. It is an 8 week course, but we will only be able to work on it 3 days a week, because we have Bible study one day of the week at a friends house with a group from church, (the kids play video games while the adult talk) and one night is 'date night' for DH and I (we don't normally go out, but play games together and just hang out and talk or watch a movie, sometimes we do go out, but it's mainly about making sure to spend quality time together), the kids either play games, or watch movies during this time, till bedtime. Then we have family game night. We love scrabble and lost all our Uno cards somehow, but I'm going to buy some more. We are discussing other games we can get to change things up a bit. Saturday is also planning day for the upcoming week. Each kid gets one day of spending at least an hour before dinner (unless homework prevents it) with me alone. We also do a cooking or baking project on this day, they get to pick what they want to make, and if we have the money for the ingredients, we make it. If it is not within our budget, we find something else to make, like bread or a dinner we already have planned (teaching them to cook is important to me, my Mom never taught me to cook more that spaghetti). Sunday is mostly for relaxing, and prep day. If the kids want pancakes for the week, or breakfast muffins (that is what we are doing this week) I make it on this day. This week it was pancakes, so I made a double batch of buttermilk pancakes and a bunch of sausage. We talked about making a bunch of biscuits (with the kids help, I'm hoping that will make the biscuits turn out right, I'm great at bread, but my biscuits are usually hockey pucks, lol) and cooking a bunch of bacon or sausage for the biscuits and them just heating them up in the mornings. That way they get some protein and not sugary cereal that DH buys them.

I also found out from my doctor that one reason my hair is not growing back to it's regular volume (not that I had thick hair, but it was thicker than the poor state it is in now, I'm super embarrassed by it) is because I was not getting enough protein in. I'm taking Hair Balance by Journey, a bariatric hair growth vitamin complex. I do have hair growing back now, but not enough. So, I'm going to make sure I meet my protein intake every day. You also need protein for your brain, and for building muscle, so it is vital while I'm working out to get enough in.

Ooooh! I found an awesome looking recipe for something warm to eat that is Paleo, check it out:


Going to add the ingredients to the grocery list and give this a try, I love baked apples, and I love apples with almond butter, this should be wonderful!! Also making these for me and the kids next week for breakfast (or for them to take to school if they like them! And for me probably a snack if it does not have too many calories, breakfast for me will from now on be a shake) We all like carrot cake, and this looks like a healthy carrot cake-like muffin!! Yikes, 31 carbs, but only 165 calories, so that part is not bad.... I might just have one or that week, not daily. The more carbs I eat, the more I crave carbs!!


Another reason to get in shape and where I can walk a lot? When we go to NJ after Christmas, our host, DH's BFF, is going to take us to NY City and we are going to be doing a lot of walking, I don't want to slow them down, and I want the kids to be able to keep up and not get tired and cranky!!! And I think that I mentioned that ODD is trying out for marching band next year, so she needs to be in good enough shape to keep up the marching all through the long practices!! Plus, I've always wanted to hike the trail head of the Appalachian Trail, and possibly do an overnight hike (get those cool hammocks to sleep in!!) I want to make that dream a reality and in order to do so, I need to get in shape!

My goal is to first get down to 130, then talk to a ... I guess plastic surgeon, is that what they are called? For excess skin removal. I already have excess skin hanging down from my belly and by the time I'm through I will from my arms and my thighs too. I'll talk to that doctor and see if It is possible for me to get to 120 before the skin surgery or if the excess skin is what will get me there. I know that they won't do it if you have too much fat in the excess skin. I have to also maintain my weight for a certain amount of time, I think it is 6 months, so they know I'm serious and won't stretch the skin back out. For my height, 120 or 115 is a good weight. I was comfy at 130, but I'm curvy and big busted (I plan on getting a breast reduction too).

I know that seems like a lot of surgeries, and some people will look down on me for it, but I don't want to not like my body, and with all this excess skin and such, it's hard too. I know too many people who have lost the weight, only to wish they had not because they don't like the extra skin and they dress in baggy clothes to hide it. I don't want that. I'm proud of the progress I've made, and the skin surgery will be my reward for when I finally reach my goal weight. For my height, the optimal weigh, according to several BMI charts is 100 to 131, so I think 115 is a happy medium. I'll have to talk to the doctor to see what he/she thinks though, but that is at least a year away. And I'm working hard to make that dream a goal, and make that goal into a plan, and work that plan every day in actionable steps!! And... until I lose all the weight, I'm shopping strictly at thrift stores (unless we have somewhere fancy to go or for my coat and stuff for NJ). After the skin surgery, DH has promised me a real shopping spree!! No thrift stores, nice stores, and whatever style I want! I'm so excited for that!! I know that is at least two to three years down the road (depending on recovery times for each surgery) and I don't normally like shopping, but I'm super excited to see how I look being back to my old weight and wearing clothes that are my style, not just something from a thrift store that looked like it would look nice on me!! Not that I'm complaining, the whole only thrift store clothes was my idea. I don't want to spend a bunch of money on clothes that I'm just going to eventually shrink out of!

Okay, time for me to get my daily to do list ready and start prepping things for the day before the kids get up!! Hpe you have a wonderful Labor Day emoticon and are hopefully off work. If not, I hope work is easy for you today.

Lots of emoticon


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