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Sunday, September 01, 2019

I slept more last night! I made myself go back to bed, and no, I should not have, but I ate something warm. It helped warm me up and I fell back asleep pretty quickly. I get cold pretty easily now. Makes me think fall is going to be great for wearing things I've crocheted!! I'm using my weighted blanket again because it is getting cold enough in the house at night for me to not get overheated under it and it helps to ease my anxiety. I had to warn the kids about my sleepwalking last night, and my oldest freaked out.

What has been happening, it seems as though whatever I last think about, that is what I go do. And since cleaning out the office has been what has been on my brain, that is what I have done, I've not thrown anything out, but made neat piles, that I'll discover when I 'first' wake up for the night and come in the office. I found my phone and glasses in here on the table, so I know it was me. I warned them not to try to wake me, because I've never sleep walked before and I don't know how I'll react. I might just be moving papers around, but in my head I might be having a flashback and lash out if someone touches me. I didn't put it like that, but told them just to go wake their Dad if they were worried. It looks like the one sleep med that works on me without adverse effect, has an adverse effect when I'm manic. It's not the first time, really. When I was trying to stick to the diet for bariatric surgery, I sleep-ate (didn't even know that was a thing) a whole plate of leftover pizza. If I did that now, it could kill me!!! My stomach is too small and bread expands and it could burst. Awful thought, sorry about that. So, I left a message for my psychiatrist, he'll get it Tuesday morning and probably take me off of it. Only problem is there aren't that many sleeping aids out there and I react in weird ways to most of them. One left a horrible taste in my mouth for over 24 hours, like something had died on my tongue 3 months ago and I was just now tasting it. And EVERYTHING tasted like it, especially water. Drove me crazy!

Anyway, our church is still small and not well funded, though I do really like it most of the time, this morning is our Bible Study group's turn to do set up. I've never helped with set up, because of my illnesses, but today I'm going to try. It will be a good way to interact with people and hopefully plant seeds for making friendships. I can't do a lot, but I can do my best! I wanted to go to a new church once I could drive, but that is looking like it is going to be a while, so I'm trying to fit into this new group we found. So I'll just be honest and say I've never helped with set up due to my illnesses, and ask what I can do!

We went and got ODD a new pair of shoes (again) this time at WalMart. If she wants nice Skechers, she needs to put them up in her room where the dog can't get them, like I have to keep telling her over and over. Got some 'diet' lemonade to try my sampler of strawberry sorbet protein powder with, I've got two sampler packets, and it says it is best with lemonade. Sounds yummy. I also ordered a bunch of fruit flavored samplers from my favorite fruity protein maker, Syntrax. I love the twisted cherry, it tastes almost like kool aid, only watered down because I like it really cold, so after I make sure it is super well mixed (no chunks) I add a bunch of ice. It is also another way for me to make sure I get my water in. It has either 21 or 27 grams of protein, can't remember. But my chocolate by Isopure that I blend with fruit, that has 50 grams of protein!! It has more calories, so is a whole meal by itself, but I like it. It's one of the few I like, as long as I mix fruit, either frozen strawberries or bananas and peanut butter. Yum. I'm looking forward to having more fruity choices, more flavors will make having shakes much easier. But I'm still sticking with the chocolate, I really like it. I'm thinking about trying the coffee creamer, but I don't want to buy a whole thing just to discover I don't like it. I tried the unflavored last night, added it to my chili. Eww. It had a flavor. And it was not a nice one. I bought another sample of unflavored by Isopure, and I might try it, but the one I tried last night was terrible. I bought the new sample from the other supplier before I tried the one I had. It would be nice to get real unflavored stuff and add more protein to my regular meals. The doctor said that while I'm getting enough B vitamins and all that mix from the bariatric hair supplement I'm taking, I'm not getting enough protein and without it, my hair won't grow back to it's full volume. Not that I had thick hair to begin with, but it is super thin right now and makes me very self-conscious.

With the Syntrax, since I mix it with water, I can make sure to get in all of the protein I need on a daily basis, because I can have an extra shake a day if I find another flavor I like. I'm getting tired of the same two flavors all of the time. Oh, and I tried all of the stuff in my bariatric subscription box. Eww. Cardboard. Or so strongly flavored it was horrible. The only thing I really liked was the portion plate I got and salted pumpkin seeds. I'm thinking about switching to another sub box I found. It costs about the same, but you get more stuff, and are guaranteed at least two protein shake samplers. But I have this one for two more months, so must wait.

My pup, Hope, has for the most part stopped eating much. She is on a hunger strike. Pickles is getting soft food because of losing that tooth and it has a really strong odor and she wants that. So she is, for the most part, refusing to eat her food. She can't eat the soft food because it is chicken flavored and her line has a history of chicken allergies, her Mom is very allergic. She was very sweet yesterday. I had a migraine that I ignored to the point of it getting pretty bad, so she laid down with me, at first laying almost on top of me, and getting petted and then moving just a little to sleep beside me. when I woke she was on DH's side of the bed (and my slippers had been taken in the other room, she does not chew my slippers, but sneaks them in the other room) so I laid my head on her chest and talked sweetly to her and got a whole face wash, LOL. Got up and dressed again and she was looking expectantly at me so I petted her and did the same thing again and she was one happy puppy. I'm one happy puppy Mom.

I am starting the Blogilates Beginner Calendar 2.0 on Monday so that my rest day will line up with Sunday. But, it was suggested by another person with Bipolar that when you get too much energy, to go for a walk. So, if I start witht the racing thoughts and can't sit still again, I'm going to go get on the treadmill and walk it off. I think that is a great idea, and a good way to wear me out for hopefully getting some sleep!

OH! And I signed up for the Fall 5% Challenge!! I've never done a %5 challenge, so I'm not sure what to expect, but everyone I know that is in them says they are great, so I'm really looking forward to it!

Well, must go get me and the kids ready for church. I wish we weren't going, DH is so sick he is constantly coughing and is throat is raw from it. He needs to go back to the doctor. But he says he could play this stuff in his sleep. That is not what I'm worried about. I'm worried about him being able to stand the entire time they play. He doesn't have much energy and is very dizzy. I'm not looking forward to the drive. And he's not wearing his heart monitor, he took of the pads to shower and put on new ones to find the places covered in red welts or spots or even open wounds. Not good. Perhaps he is allergic to the adhesive? Gonna call the on call doc/nurse today and find out today

Hope you have a great Sunday!! And, since I'm starting working out tomorrow and my trying to drink at least two shakes a day, I'll be starting blogging in the evening instead of in the morning!!



emoticon Oh, and starting tracking everything today, was just tracking randomly, now I'm going to try my best to track all day and every morsel!!!

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