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Thankful for this day to be done.

Friday, August 30, 2019

As expected, this was a very long day. I took advantage of some extended sleep after Maegann was off for school and set the phone alarm for about 10 minutes before my call regarding Isaac's Medicaid budget. I knew I could sleep as by then I had confirmed the emergency IEP meeting I requested was set for 12:30.

After the phone call I started getting work email taken care of and then I started printing out documents for the meeting that between Meg (Isaac's Habilitative Interventionist) and myself had identified as potentially helpful. She came for Isaac about 11 so they could spend time together before the meeting. Meg actually attended it with us today and that was good as she knows his social/communication behaviors well when he is away from home. I met them at the school.

The meeting went great and lasted for almost two hours. There were nine of us in the room, including Isaac. The IEP team is much better this year and I left feeling confident about Isaac's school year. Isaac, with Meg's prompts, shared his perspective of how the events played out and I was SO proud of him for the courage that took and then for him to listen well to the other perspectives (the principal and the team sports coach) and not become emotional. I made sure several times that the trigger was the basketball coach. I also made sure the team sports coach knew that Isaac had no issues with him (Isaac told him this.) and the coach returned the thoughts and told him he was hoping he got to stay in the class. This is what needs to happen with the basketball coach---time to build a relationship while accepting alternate perspectives on a negative event. I do plan to make that happen and have actually requested that meeting with the Principal, VP, and SPED Advocate also in attendance as they are critical to the IEP team and they understand more about Isaac now as well as I want them to hear/see how the basketball coach responds as that's a wildcard. I've never met him. Anyway, we came up with a good solution to help Isaac be able to stay in the sports class and to help him with anxious moments in his other classes as well. Here's what Isaac, Meg and I created for him to use at school.

He is to have this on his cell phone and the teachers have been instructed that if he shows them this picture they are to give him a pass so he can go get a needed brain break in a designated location. In sports class he also has an additional method which is sitting out of the way where the coach can spot him and that is a signal to check on him. I think this is going to be a great tool for everyone. It definitely helps me as I can now ask pointed questions on procedures such as, "did he show you his break card" or "did he ask for a break" because if they don't follow the procedure, it's on the school and not Isaac. He will go back to school on Tuesday, but they didn't say he couldn't go to the football game tonight and tomorrow. He was able to see his friends tonight and tell them he'd be home sick tomorrow as he really does sound like he's got a cold, but it is strong allergies.

When we got home we got his Break Card ready, got the kitchen cleaned up and then I couldn't keep my eyes open so I took a short nap. Next I cleaned up the folder with all the papers I had brought home, got the Break Card sent to the SPED advocate and the VP as promised and then got the Cheddar Brats bbq'd for supper.

Tonight I had a little time to myself so I watched an episode of MasterChef while Sparking. It's now 11:15 and after an episode of "Somewhere Between" it's time for more sleep.

Tomorrow will be a day home so I plan to get to that "to do" list of mine. Maybe.
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