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Hang on.... derailment ahead!

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Things were going along as planned until about 9:30am. I have the bag ready to fill with fireplace ashes, and a cardboard box is ready to be filled with school items from the living room. They are still right where I left them. What happened? Complete derailment summed up in three words: Isaac Got Suspended.

The more the day went on, the more I was believing he should not be suspended and there is still one huge gaping hole in the whole story. How did an accidental "bumped into the sports teacher" turn into a 3-day suspension especially when this teacher had no issues with what happened. The trigger for Isaac was that the varsity basketball coach happened to be there talking with the teacher, but then he mentioned a baseball coach and to me it sounds like things escalated at that point for staff, but Isaac has no idea why. This is definitely the short version! Anyway, I have now asked for his IEP meeting to be organized for tomorrow instead of next week and I want to discuss rescinding this decision for a 3-day suspension as it is definitely related to his developmental disabilities and was not handled by some of the staff according to his IEP needs. He wants to be in school tomorrow and he doesn't have an issue with the sports teacher. So, I am having to reschedule my client meeting so I can be available anytime tomorrow except for one small window of time for the eval needed on his Health & Welfare budget or so I can be home with Isaac. Happy "official" Birthday to him, huh? Ugh!

Thankfully Maegann had a good day at school and has made the decision to go for the top three resume items: Honors Student, Honor Roll and there was one more thing.... can't think of it.

Tim had a very busy day too. Besides the Reno project (he didn't have to go so far) there are three other big projects coming due at the same time.

So, my potential "to-do" list for tomorrow is:
*IEP meeting & get Isaac back in class
*Get his budget eval done so his Medicaid can kick back in for him.
*Clean the fireplace.
*Get the school stuff moved out of the living room.
*Bake a cake for Isaac's true birthday. I did get his favorite Cheddar Brats to bbq for supper.

At this moment, I'll be pleased to get the first two and the final items done.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Whew, Janet! What a start to your day!!!

    Is this a new school for Isaac? If not, why haven't they gotten familiar with him from the past? It always frustrated me when the new school year began the new teacher(s) had not already been informed of the IEP on file. I learned to start the first week of school to go around to each teacher with a printed copy of the IEP. On the top page my physician husband had summarized the report with the top 10 things that would make for an easier time for the teacher to have success and avoid problems if they would read the top page. It was also keyed to which page in the report that had detail on that specific item.

    If the darn teachers were informed BEFORE the student arrived, they would be properly prepared! I'm frustrated for you. Hang in there, girl. It will get better. That suspension should be removed from his record too.

    Glad Maegann is moving along in her program. Good for her opting to reach the special goals.
    Hope you have a peaceful holiday weekend.
    Roo emoticon
    53 days ago
    Sigh. Glad Isaac has you for a mom.
    54 days ago
  • KATIE5668
    ahhh..I hope it all goes well today. I do agree with Cheri..there are some teachers that just lack and empathy at all.
    Glad to hear that Maegann is doing well !!

    Mom's do what they gotta do!

    54 days ago
    Sorry about Isaac. Hope that this gets cleared up quickly & he is back to school. Hope this is an easier day for you.
    54 days ago
    Hang in there - hope you can get things straightened out.
    54 days ago
    emoticon Oh, gosh, I'm so sorry. You remind me of the time when our older kid (the one with ADHD) was growing up. He was thrown out of 8 schools and we weren't able to help him get his high school diploma. He used to run away from school! He's almost 40 now and, though in a stable time since he has a good lady partner by his side, still gets our breath away but not in a good way. emoticon
    54 days ago
    That brings back such bad memories of a similar incident at my youngest school. He got busted for wandering in the hall between classes and altho he had a pass wasn't where he was suppose to be. Escalation detention, my son says hell no and takes off, call from school to me, I said fine let him go I will defuse this and bring him back. Counselor decides she needs to chase him down TACKLES HIM!, Rips his blue jeans pocket, cop happens to be in the building and files an assault charge on my son. My EX (you see why there's an ex) won't file charges against the school and counselor because 'i'm a pillar of the community.'
    I am so sorry all that went down for you. Good luck getting the Iep and all done.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    54 days ago
    Hopefully the IEP meeting with smooth things out
    54 days ago
    So sorry to hear that Janet. I hope that you can get everything all straightened out. Does that varsity coach just have it out for him? Hang in there!
    54 days ago
    Schools just have 0 tolerance anymore and t me it just seems to get carried away. So sorry - I hope you can get it straightened out.
    54 days ago
    Oh my good luck getting things sorted Janet .Sometimes I want to shake teachers heads. Teachers that deal with students with special needs can be awesome others can be so ignorant of what the world is like for children who have different needs or abilities that I want to shake them. I can remember one teacher saying I don't know why they behave so well for you.I said perhaps because I take time to really hear them and consider where they are coming from ,she said "I don't have time for that mollycoddling " Do you ever want to scream.I didn't molly coddle I took into consideration what they needed. I just avoided her after that. My students who she considered "Stupid & mollycoddled" said to me "You don't like that teacher and keep her away from us" I had never said a word to them.I just kept away from her because she wanted them suspended etc,
    54 days ago
  • MSHEL7
    Sorry things went haywire so quickly. What a mess, hope you can get it straightened out.
    54 days ago
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