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Foot clinic

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

I went to the foot clinic today. I have never been before so I had no idea what to expect and what, if anyt, treatment would be forthcoming.

The nurse was very pleasant, she asked a few questions, took my compression stockings off and looked at my feet, then got to work. I was there for almost an hour.

She clipped my nails, scraped off any dead tissue, and worked real hard to get rid of some fungus that appears to have taken over that problem toe. When I came home, I just had to put my feet up because the toe was quite sore. I had to take a pain killer to help take the throbbing away. She said I need to go back for several follow ups to get the feet in good order again.

She also told me that I am on her list to ask about blood work because I have not had any done for a time. (computer records!, lol) I told her that my previous doctor had retired and I have not been able to find another one. The one doctor I had tried to see, did give me a renewal for my meds, but couldn't get out of the exam room fast enough and did not give me a requisition for blood work. I was uncomfortable with him overall, and had decided to continue looking for another doctor.
This nurse said she works very closely with a couple of doctors who were accepting new patients and when we were finished with the feet, she would check to see if they were still accepting new patients.

Turns out the lady doctor she called is no longer accepting new patients, but there is another doctor in the same clinic who is. She asked them some questions, and then relayed that information to me, and asked if I wanted her to make the apt for me. I told her only on a Tuesday after 2 pm, because that is the only day I can get a ride. This clinic is a very long way away from my home, but if he's a good doctor, that's good for me! As luck would have it, the apt is for next Tuesday. Wow! I've never got an apt that fast before! My sis is also looking for a new doc (We both used to go to the same doc who retired) so I told her that I would like her to go with me so she can help me, plus she can see if she wants to make her own apt to him as well. I guess we will find out after the "meet and greet" apt if I will be comfortable with this new guy.

Hopefully all will go well.
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