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Thoughts about this journey and starting over

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

You think behind every chance there's another one? It's the worst kind of extravagance, spending chances.

The quote is from the movie HOPE FLOATS, starring Sandra Bullock, Harry Connick Jr, Gena Rowland and others. Those words really hit me the first time I heard them.

Our bodies are marvelously effective at fighting off our poor choices. We may get by for years without seeing consequences. When we eventually have to pay the piper is when we seriously rethink our carefree choices and learn to listen and commit to making changes.

For those of you who are raising your children to live healthy, I applaud you for setting them on the right road so they may not have to learn the hard way.

Change is not always easy. Our hearts are in the right place. Our heads have to be convinced that it is worth it, again and again. It may be gut-wrenching to make changes that we know we have to make but don't really want to make.

Wouldn't you love to be the person who sets a goal and heads straight to the mark, like an arrow? Wouldn't it be exciting to see our weight loss graph be a consistently steady downward line? Wouldn't it be awesome to never spend another minute on any thing that doesn't move us towards our goals?
Are you smiling?
That's not realistic for some of us.

However, we don't quit. We say we are starting over. Usually we mean we are picking ourselves up and continuing on where we were before we blotted out copy book. It's very freeing when we realize this is not an all-or-nothing journey. Spark says the most successful Sparkers are those who get right back on track again. We don't wallow in a mistake. We don't give it any extra minutes of our life. We wipe it out with positive behavior.

All the things that have gone before go into our "re-start." You have probably heard the story of Thomas Edison's explanation that failure is really just learning something that didn't work and continuing to seek a solution. The lessons we learn from "failure" are valuable.

It is liberating when we realize experiencing a failure does not make US a failure. Even if we disappoint ourselves a million times, we still have the potential to start over. We are unique and special, with great potential to keep moving and creating and being who we want to be. Every minute is the opportunity to live the life we want.

This is where we may falter. A pattern of failing to live up to our expectations makes us think we can't make a permanent change. We may stop believing in ourselves. Sometimes it takes awhile for the light to click on and we make a breakthrough. Never give up. Make small changes and keep building, one day at a time, one step at a time.

And if we have been striving to live healthy for a long time, we get beyond the point of thinking in terms of starting over. One unhealthy choice is water over the dam. One poor day is only ONE poor day. We momentarily smile in chagrin. We may give ourselves a little pep talk. Already moving on and looking at the next step. We are committed to living healthy.

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