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Bump in the road

Monday, August 26, 2019

We're an elderly couple who've had smooth sailing for quite some skies and ocean spray, sails taut against gentle breezes...and so on and so forth. On the horizon, unbeknown to us, was a squall of no small magnitude - enough to knock us flat (weight-loss-wise). Yes...our refrigerator died. The compressor still ran as usual, but delivered no cooling effect. Dead. Twenty-two cubic feet of refrigerator with bottom freezer, fifteen years old and...dead. We really should have expected this, but 3 days later as the internal temperature of the fridge gradually ramped up to 73F, we were still vacillating between; "How can this be?" and "Now what?".

In the meanwhile, hubby picked up a virus of sorts that laid him flat in bed. I got the coolers down from the loft. There were three, but one was soft-sided and all were on the smallish side. This turned out to be somewhat like being on a skateboard without a helmet, knee and elbow pads and hitting a bump in the road. You know you're going over and your last thought before hitting the ground is "How bad will this be?" Well...long story short, the coolers were too small and too few, the ice I got was too big, the soft-sided cooler leaked all over the floor, the weather turned hot and we lost a lot of food. Frozen fruit was salvaged from the freezer, now being turned into reduced-sugar jam. The name of this jam is "Summer Wonder". There was some terrific exercise through it all...weight lifting...many hours it seemed.

The meals turned into take-out (Wor-Won-ton soup for the sick hubby which I also enjoyed). And fresh fruit in a bowl in the kitchen And nuts. And avocado. We actually fared quite well using some of the many Spark tips I've gained on SparkPeople. It was impossible to track our food and exercise for the one and a half weeks without a refrigerator as there was simply too much going on and no time to plan. So, we ate moderately and he rested to get better and I kept up with the cooler-hauling. Neither of us gained weight. We both feel a bit tired out.

We got a brand-new refrigerator on Saturday; more wonderful than the last one which was well-loved and we're back to tracking our nutrition and exercise. Take-home lesson: there are going to be bumps in the road so let's plan for them! Lets be flexible and adapt to whatever life throws in our path. When the going gets tough...let's remember to have a good laugh about it!
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    Oh boy, that is a mess! We had a similar situation shortly after my husband and I married. We hadn't bought a house yet so were still living in my husband's "bachelor pad" (mobile home.). Came back from honeymoon, things were okay, and then a week later we left for a spiritual convention that we attend every year. Came back from that and my 1990's vintage computer was acting odd. Then we realized something was wrong with our 220 volt hookup, and my husband said "Go check the refrigerator etc." Well, the light was on inside, but it felt warmish inside and kinda smelled. Opened the freezer door on top and the smell was enough to raise the dead!! Completely thawed out. ARRRRGH. Meat. We're talking warm "Indian Summer" weather. Talked to the park management people and found out their landscaping crew had hit our 220 volt "thingy" in the yard (was like the connection from the electric pole and forming the "drop" into the mobile home? I don't know what it's called. "Thingy" is good enough for me.). This work had been done like the afternoon of the day that we'd left on our trip - so basically it had been thawing out for 12-13 days! UUUGH.

    So anyway power company came out and got us hooked back up to BOTH sides of the 220 (which fixed the one-sided cycling on and off for the computer and the freezer and the electric washer/dryer. We never had any issue with the regular 110 volt power, the lights, electrical plug in outlets etc. They were all fine.). And I don't think we had the kind of renter's insurance that would cover food loss. It's been almost 25 years now... I'm thinking at the time the "good thing" was that the trash was going out the next day so we got it all chucked into the dumpster outside, and didn't have to smell it very long!

    My empathies for sure!! It is no fun to throw out what "WAS" perfectly good food before mishaps like this happen.
    360 days ago
    Sounds like fun. We went through a similar thing almost two months ago. We went through flooding and loss of electric for days. I went and bought like ten bags of ice and put everything in one freezer with the ice on each shelf. I also used two bags in two coolers. When organizing the freezer for this issue. I quickly planned out the next few days of food. I put a few days worth in one cooler and the other half in the other cooler. The rest stayed in the freezer and no one was to go in there until the electric came back on. Worked fairly well.
    To flush toilets we used the water I collected from the basement. Just as a friend brought over a gas pump to pump out the water the electric came on and the sub pump came back on. We lost a little, but came out ok over all. The basement dried up well. We had a high powered fan to help, along with carpet cleaners to get out a lot of the water, and dehumidifiers. All the stuff in the freezer survived but the stuff in the fridge was tossed. I looked at it like, I was able to clean things out. I hope you end up liking your new fridge as much as you liked your old one.
    425 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Your insurance company could pay for that food if you claim it. I did.
    428 days ago
    Without bumps in the road what would we learn about life and others as well as ourselves?
    May your bumps always teach you something and may they be far and few in between.
    454 days ago
    Unfortunately, there are always those bumps in the road, but may this week bring smooth sailing under blue skies and the gentle breezes. (Love your style of writing) … Glad all is well for a good wee!
    458 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    458 days ago
    This year we had to replace most of our appliances - all a royal pain! I certainly sympathize with you! Enjoy the new one!
    459 days ago
    Great attitude! Sorry you had to waste all that food. My hubby thinks I'm crazy for wanting to keep my old Frigidaire- it's avocado green from mid 1970's but works great! They don't build them to last anymore, do they?
    459 days ago
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