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Friday, August 23, 2019

I feel like I’m doing the changes, been logging the food, increasing the healthy foods, limiting and removing the treats, getting more activity in. And my weight went up. I was down two pounds after the first week, and back up 2.2 lbs the next week. So discouraging. I’m so early in this that I didn’t expect to have this experience.

Maybe a big part of it is stress.

I’m feeling really stressed about trying to keep up here and get involved in the teams. There’s a lot that are practically inactive and then there are some that are super active and I can’t keep up!

On top of my kids starting back to school. My son is going into kindergarten, and my daughter will be starting a county preschool that is located and supported by the same district my son is in. There have been a lot of changes to the regular school this year. And no one seems to know yet how that will work with the preschool. And with this being her first year, I’m concerned about a lot of things.

I’m working with my mom to help my grandparents get into a new house closer to us. My mom and I live 10 miles apart, and currently they live 600miles away. They’re both stressing about the move, my mom and uncle are too. A load of things with the house and house search. We already had one house fall through. That’s in itself is stressful. The current house they’re trying to buy is going to need some work. So trying to sort that out. Then they’re both having health problems. Grandpa is in the hospital currently for hip trouble. Grandma’s struggling with gall bladder problems.

We haven’t had much rain in our area, even though surrounding cities have, it just passed over us. The yard looks terrible, it’s hard for the kids to play in. The garden is struggling, everything seems to be eating it up and tearing it apart.

My husband is needing to start into the long delayed next phase of house remodeling. And he needs to do it before winter hits, because there’s a lot of work that needs to be done on the roof before it gets too cold. It’s going to be a major undertaking. And he’s stressing about it and that leads to more stressed feelings for me.

I had thought that focusing in my health would make some of this stuff easier to deal with. But that’s not happening. I just feel more burdened and more behind, like I can’t keep up with anything. The chores are a total struggle. And..... more stress.

I’ve already been falling off the SparkPeople band wagon. Barely been on the last couple days.

Anyone out there have any advice.
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    You appear to be in a tornado of change! Wow. Anyone would have a hard time finding or keeping their center in the maelstrom that is going on in your life right now. As IAMTHATCHICK said, breathe. When the children are asleep or occupied, or dad has taken them on an errand with him to the store, slowly and deeply breathe in, and slowly breathe out. Pay attention to how the breath feels as it comes in your nose or almost closed mouth. Tune into how your lungs expand and slowly contract. Use a free online app if you do better listening to someone else's voice narrating what to do. Otherwise just coach yourself. You are and you have, all that you need inside you. You've just gotten momentarily out of touch with it. Sit down with your partner, look at your calendar, and plan in your quiet time, self care time, resourcing time, whatever you want to call it, daily (or every other day if need be right now), 15 minutes or 30 minutes. You are the beautiful matriarchal tree with deep roots extending down, and long graceful branches reaching up into the sun and the stars. Once you get re-centered, re-grounded, re-connected back into you, your life will feel "right" and you will have as much energy as you want and need. Take care Girl! emoticon
    271 days ago
    Your stress is working against you. And I don't know how you can stop your stress right now. Maybe if you get everyone together and divide up the jobs. Maybe this would help with everyone's stress. I know that giving up will just stop your journey for a healthier you. And your family and you need a healthier you. We are here to talk to send us an email and we will respond. I have been on my journey since April, 2014 and Sandra has been on this journey for quite awhile so we have experienced a lot. So just ask for help.
    275 days ago
    Remember you are beautiful today. You seem to have lots of people who need you. So continue daily finding reasons to be grateful for your wonderful family. Take time to see your blessings. Life is a challenge, but with taking time to count your blessings the life can be filled with joy.
    276 days ago
  • KSUE43
    One day at a time. You are always growing amd learning more about your health daily. Seeing all you have to plan vcan look like a lot. Prioritize and remember Rome wasn't built in a day. We are here for you!
    276 days ago
    Breathe. You have alot going on and need to give yourself credit for still being in the game. Reading you post help to motivate me to do better. I have no excuse compared to you. Your inspirational. Just take it one day, one meal at a time.
    276 days ago
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