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The Sleep Spell Has Been Broken

Friday, August 23, 2019

Tim arrived home about midnight and we were both too tired to talk much about his trip. I caught up on things tonight instead. Appears the firm they are discussing firing has until Tuesday to come up with their plan to get things done and they know they will be answering to a project manager (Tim) with expected deadlines, etc. Tim really doesn't think they will bother and already has things in motion for getting the tasks done without them. He will contract two guys of his choice from the company he previously worked with and they will all spend 1-2 weeks in Reno. As it is over Labor Day and he was going to Colorado, the company will fly him there instead of back here over that long weekend. We'll wait and see how it all plays out. I assured him we'd be fine here since the kids are both out of the house so much now that I'll have the time to be rested and able to deal with things as they come up.

This morning I allowed myself another hour of sleep (I did fall asleep at 12:30 for a change though!) and then went to pick up a few groceries before doing some email and paid work before leaving for my massage. Soooo relaxing -- not sure I needed more rest though after all the sleep I've had this week! LOL I was able to get my prescription for massage therapy figured out so I am able to keep my account open and then file the claims on my own for eight visits. We booked through the first of January at every 3 weeks. Maybe he sports medicine doctor will see the need for more.... a girl can dream!

I then went by the pharmacy to pick up a couple meds for Maegann and then headed home. I got home just in time for the phone and texts to start coming in and it literally took me an hour to get one email written. All the communication was needed though, so it was all good.

Meg came for Isaac right after he got home from school and then he was home for about 40 minutes before I took him to basketball practice. Tomorrow he can come home and have some down time through the weekend. He was dragging tonight.

Maegann spent time over at Tayler's after school and ended up hitting her head on his chin at some point when he got her laughing hard. She was better than usual coming out of a head hit so we made her get some protein, take more ibuprofen for the inflammation and sent her to bed. She wasn't having memory loss--just couldn't stay focused long. Sleep and food will help that so she'll be good to go tomorrow. I swear she needs to wear a helmet 24/7.

Tomorrow I will get through that stack of "to do" papers that have sat there since Monday. I also need to go over to Dairy Queen to order a birthday cake as we've decided to have Isaac's birthday early just in case Tim has to be in Reno. Isaac would never ask for an ice cream cake, but he always talks about them so we decided to do that for him this year for something different. Will invite his friend Nate to come over for supper and cake knowing it won't be a late night due to school.
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