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Snowballing Out Of Control

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Well, today started out as a great day. Without thinking, I put on a regular bra instead of a T-back bra. So, the day goes on and I reminded myself to support my arm as much as possible, I asked for help, I kept an eye on my pain level etc. In short, I was doing all of the things the doctor and I discussed yesterday. I noticed that two sides of my wrist started stinging a little and I adjusted my body position. Hubby and I were out running errands for about 4 hours (which I now know was way too much). We had a lovely time!

We headed home with all of our errands completed. As we got closer to our neighborhood, I noticed that the stinging was increasing substantially. So, we pulled into the driveway and I walked into the house. The mighty Zeus (the wonder dog) needed to go out and I quickly took him out. At this point, all I suddenly wanted to do was crawl into bed. So, I kicked off my shoes and lay on my back on the bed. Suddenly, I felt like I had a Charlie horse under my right shoulder blade. The stinging in my right arm ramped up too. I immediately started switching my body position but the cramp and the stinging wouldn't decrease. After a few minutes, I took some pain medication and lay back down and waited for it to kick in, only it didn't.

I did deep breathing, meditation, mindfulness and changing position. Nothing. Hubby was wringing his hands, feeling my head to check for a fever, making sure I had a glass of water etc. I was wracking my brain and praying for some relief. Suddenly, it came to me...I was wearing a regular bra instead of a T-back bra. The T-back style takes the weight off the shoulders and distributes it more evenly across the back. (This is why sports bras are made differently.). This was the first day I had not worn a T-back. The weight of the cast plus the weight distribution of the bra, pressed down on the nerves in my shoulder and stressed my spine. This is what the doctor warned me about yesterday.

I quickly changed my clothes and after 15 minutes, the stinging in my hand and wrist almost stopped. Huh? Who would have thunk it? The Charlie horse is now a dull throb and after 80 minutes, my medication is starting to kick in. It was so bad before that the right eye was twitching and still is. (My whole problem area is on the right side.) The only other time I've experienced this phenomenon was right after my 2 spinal fusions. After each one, I was warned to wear a T-back bra to keep the stress off the spine. If it weren't for the fact that that thought ran through my mind, the pain was so severe that I would probably be in the ER right now, wracking up thousands of dollars of hospital bills.

How could something seemingly so inconsequential have snowballed into a major deal? The lesson here friends is that many times the little stuff adds up to big stuff. Just like baby steps add up to major changes on our journey to health. The devil is in the details as Mom used to say.


After 3 hours, pain medication, me resting flat on my back and my arm supported on a pillow, most of the pain is gone. The wrist is tender but my incisions and nerves are still healing. My back is tender too but the pain went from a 10 to a 3! My eye is still twitching but that will take a day to calm down. This is amazing. I prayed for a solution and my prayer was answered.
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