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Good kind of sore?

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

So I went and hung out in a park for 5 hours today. The long version is that Ypsifest is this weekend, and I've been going and volunteering the last few years, and this year, I agreed to help out with the set-up days, too. Since I haven't got anything else going on, y'know?

So today I went out at 10 AM-ish, and got put to work lugging the fence stakes from the shed where they were stored, and then placing them around Riverside Park where the event fencing would be put up. Seems innocuous enough, right? the thing is, they're the 6 foot variety, heavy duty stakes, the closest analog I could find on Amazon being a 5 pack weighing 25 pounds. So, basically, they're 5 pounds apiece, more of less what I was thinking while handling them today. Still, not so big a deal, right? 5 pound weights, big whoop!

Except there were probably a 2 or 3 hundred of these suckers, that needed loading into the cart from the shed, and then needing slinging where they're slated to be pounded into the ground tomorrow (thankfully that task is supposed to be done by the ROTC kids tomorrow...and since I may well have 25 years on the guys who'll be there, I'm totally justified in calling them kids). Let's just say my shoulders are a bit sore tonight.

Didn't help, probably, that I went to play pickleball in the evening. After the marathon singles match on Monday, I played on Tuesday as well, and I just couldn't get out of second gear. I felt logey, and lazy, and couldn't move at all. Today, despite having done hours of what I ended up logging as "yard work" on the exercise tracker, I felt great, was moving great and hitting the ball really well. Too bad a brief, but intense rainstorm came through and ruined the evening's play.

On Friday morning at 8 am, I'm playing in a tournament in Royal Oak, MI. I'm planning on going out to my brother's house in the neighboring city, because it'll be about a 10 mile drive, rather than 45 miles. As for the tournament itself...it kind of feels like our performance (we play as a doubles team, in a double elimination format) may well depend on how I play. Yeah, I realize that sounds kind of conceited, but...I feel like the person I am playing with is pretty consistent. Most days, you know what you're going to get. I kind of feel like at my best, I might be a tad better than he is. At the low end, on a day where I play like I did Tuesday, he's way better. But if he's consistent, then our team performance may well be determined by how I show up. If I'm doing good, we've got a shot at doing good. If I'm spraying shots all over the place, we may have a very short and frustrating day.

Guess we'll find out Friday morning.
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