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21st August

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Posting early because I'll be at work overnight tonight.


I feel better than I did yesterday. I got myself into bed by 9 pm, and guess what? I sneezed a few times and my nose started running - so THAT explains my dip in mood - it was a cold virus in the works; it always gets me like that, and I never realise until the physical symptoms appear.

I got a good sleep - still woke at 6 am, but took a cup of tea back to bed and stayed there another hour and a half - that was the healing part I think!

Today's message is one to be mindful of throughout the day.

"Try to bring a smile to as many people as possible today"

remember to:-

lift the corners of the mouth
smile 'behind the eyes' (yoga style)


Here's one from wikihow (link above)

"Work your facial muscles. Loosening up your facial muscles by doing exercises involving flexing and relaxing may help your face to fall more naturally into a smile, making it feel less odd. One exercise which works the same muscles involved in smiling is as follows:
Take a pencil and place it between your lips. Open your mouth and let the pencil roll back between your teeth, as far as it will go. Bite down on the pencil to hold it in place and hold this position for thirty seconds. Repeat once a day." [I tried this and it made me gag!]

I've been doing facial exercises ever since I watched a video recommended by a Spark Friend! One of them is about the smile muscles: you put your fingers either side of your mouth try to stop yourself smiling, then you smile - 10 times. Here's a link to the video - starting at the point where he demonstrates this exercise.

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