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I'm alive, lol

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

After dealing with a five day migraine that was made worse by two days of motion sickness I finally feel alive again. I took some CBD oil before bed last night and slept really good. Better than I have in a long time. So I felt rested when I got up.
Last night I colored my hair. Same color I've been using the last two years only it's a lot lighter. I guess there's more white or light gray hairs now, lol. In less than a month I'll be 65. Thankfully I'll be on the beach.
My eyes are doing okay. I still have trouble hitting my eyes with the drops but my eyes are doing fine so far. Initially I feel a burning, stinging pain but it doesn't last much over a minute or two. With the exception of yesterday, my floaters have been non-existent but yesterday they were out in full glory. They're still bothering me right now, though not as bad as they have been.
My scales are whacked out. It wasn't the battery because I put a new one in and they're still whacked out. Saying I weigh 96, lol. Maybe in 5th grade back in 1965. That was the year I got my first pair of glasses.
Our weather has been horrid. The heat and the humidity are like walking into a steaming hot sauna. It takes your breath away. I took 2 short walks just before dark. In fact, coming up the sidewalk to the house my lights came on as I walked by. Felt like a runway, lol.
Been working on my lessons on my online class on Mystical Christianity. Very interesting. Not what I figured it would be. There's 20 lessons and I'm on lesson 11 I believe or is it 12? Doesn't matter. The lesson I'm on is about Paul. I've not taken a real class since 1987. So this is a challenge especially since my head injuries robbed me of my short term memory. I'm dreading the essay at the end of the last lesson. Haven't done that since the early 80's when I took a couple of college classes.
I'm still doing genealogy too. I had to get a new printer. Mine quit printing correctly so I replaced it. Much faster printing than the old one. Easier to use too.
My son just started a new job, through an temporary agency. He's working in a candle factory. I don't know how long this job will last but he was desperate for work again. His old employer did some unethical things and wanted it's employees to do unethical things. So we shall see how this goes. He comes home highly scented, lol, from working in quality control. Tonight is his third night, he works from 5pm to 3 or 3:30am right now. At first it was 3pm to 1am. I believe he said they'll change shifts every two weeks,. So trying to set up my doctors appointments is a real challenge.
Take care everyone. We can do this together! You're never alone! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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