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Back to School Day 1 = Success!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Well, we made it. Day one of school has come and gone and Isaac is a happy boy. He had a very good day and we celebrated it with pizza for lunch/supper when he got home. He really liked the teachers he met today, had some friends in a few classes and other boys he knew were nice to him. SO thankful. Tomorrow is the next round of teachers and then that part will be finished. I'm very glad I sent an email to all his teachers this weekend with some things to know about Isaac and his social/communication quirks and his learning style. I found out the IEP info had not been shared with the teachers yet so it was definitely the right thing to do.

I didn't get to sleep until about 1:30am so was just dragging this morning. I got Isaac up, made his breakfast and then once he left I fell asleep on the sofa until 10:30. Maegann was waking up about the same time. Guess we both needed it though as we made it through the day well. I never get to sleep easily the first night that Tim is gone on a trip so tonight will be much better.

My afternoon was spent doing laundry and working on the finances once again as we are not going to have our debt consolidation finished until Friday when we can go in and sign yet another document. Sure wish Tim could have done his electronically today. This meant I had to make some payments on accounts that are being paid off and closed from the loan so we won't incur any late fees. I was finally able to shift some funds so the next round of bills can come out of the new account so I think the majority of my work on this is finished.

Then I headed to the jigsaw puzzle and spent time with Isaac while he had time to play video games. I got a lot finished today during those 2-3 hours!

Now I am catching up on MasterChef episodes while Sparking as the kids have headed to bed.

Tomorrow I will have the house to myself until about 3. I will be going with Isaac to the first night of basketball as it is a mandatory attendance night for parents and players. I am sure it is to hear the rules and to collect funds, etc. I've taken care of the paperwork and payment so can just hang out for 90 minutes. I haven't decided what I plan to do during the day yet, but there are options.
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