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Smart Snacking

Monday, August 19, 2019

This month the theme for the Aspire & Inspire's August BSG Challenge is smart snacking. If you grew up believing that eating snacks between meals was a sure path to weight gain, you’ll be happy to hear that this is now outmoded thinking — with a caveat. If you choose healthy snacks and practice portion control, you can curb hunger between meals and even lose weight doing it.

“A planned snack can actually help prevent overeating,” says Deborah Beauvais, RD, a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and a district supervisor of school nutrition services in the Rochester, New York area.

If you have a small snack to curb your hunger, you won’t be famished when you sit down for lunch or dinner, which can make it easier to control how much you eat during meals. Do you snack? Are you a smart snacker?

Growing up I would have a snack of fruit or something like that. When I became an adult though, I stopped snacking. Either because I was on the go all the time or because I thought I would gain weight. Many years ago, though, a Spark Friend of mine turned me onto The Fast Metabolism Diet. I took quite a bit of weight off and one of the things the diet has you do is eat 2 snacks a day. Usually it's something like a piece of fruit or something else. When we moved from Missouri back to Colorado I got out of the habit because our lives were really chaotic. Last year, I started getting back into snacking again.

My snacks are usually either a piece of fruit that is has a low glycemic index, turkey jerky, a stalk of celery wrapped in a couple of pieces of lunch meat, celery with almond butter or carrots with hummus. Sometimes it's just some celery or carrots by themselves. Growing up I never would have thought I'd like raw veggies with nothing else but now I do. Carrots, though, are one vegetable I can't eat raw. It really upsets my stomach.

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