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Saturday Planning Day

Saturday, August 17, 2019

My favorite time of year is just around the corner!! I can't wait! And while I'm learning to sew, I'll be crocheting for the family for our trip to NJ and NY this Winter!! I've got everybody but DH's color picked out, in a nice thick wool blend. I can't decide if I have enough red in my wardrobe to have red be the color I choose... I'm debating. I love red, it was my Mom's favorite color, she always wore red lipstick. And now it is my favorite color. I'm going to attempt mittens (with hats and scarves), since it is going to be so cold up there, but if I'm not good at it, I'll stick to fingerless gloves. Plus we will, of course, buy some gloves for everyone for the trip as well.

As far as Fall being my favorite season, I don't like hot chocolate, it makes me sick to my stomach, but I can totally do hot chai or coffee. DH got me this long pull over hoodie thing last year that was one of the coolest things I've ever worn, it had a corset style lace up looking thing, and was awesome looking. Too bad it would look like an oversized sack on me now!! I might still wear it, or I might buy another one, I don't know. It's too thin to wear to NJ, so probably not. I think what color yarn I buy will depend on what color my coat will be. But that is a while off before coat season comes around.

Someone mentioned shopping the sales and getting swimsuits at discount now, and I would so do that, if I knew what size I was going to be next year. I can't swim very well, but I want to learn. My oldest DD can kinda swim, but quit lessons before she really got into it. And youngest DD is afraid of the water, and thanks to the stubbornness of the the person I had teaching them, is afraid to do swim lessons again. I plan on us all starting swim lessons in the Spring, if I can at all manage it. I was taught to swim by being told to swim and being thrown in, among other things. That may shock some people, but that is actually how a lot of the people I grew up with were taught to swim. You paddle around in the shallows and get the hang of crawling around with your head under water and such and eventually someone throws you in deeper water and you either swim or they eventually haul you out. I like having lessons a lot better. At any rate, I've told my youngest, she has to learn how to swim, we live surrounded by a lake and the rivers that feed into it, a lot of parties are at the lake or pools. Swimming is a must, to at least be able to swim to safety if she say, falls off a dock or boat. Plus, I'd love to learn how to swim laps and such, it is great exercise!! And I'm not confident that I could save one of my kids lives if they started to drown, we would probably both drown in the process if it came to that. I'm the only one out of all my siblings that didn't have swim lessons, and that is because we had moved to the boonies in TN right after I was born (like I was about 2 weeks old!!). And they really want to do the water slides and such, and I am adamant that if they can't swim, then no pools or lake parties.


I'm thinking of buying a sub to Blueprint for some of my learning to sew and getting better at crocheting. Plus it has some art classes that I think both of my kids would love. My oldest is adamant that she only wants to draw a certain way, and I can't get her to see that learning to draw in other ways too will help her to not only be better at the style she likes, but to be able to create her own style. But, there are also a lot of free learn to sew (and draw) channels on youtube. So difficult to decide if I should spend the money on Blueprint (once a part of Craftsy) or not. I've got a deal for 50% off right now. If I was sticking to my daily routine, I'd jump at it, but since I've been having more problems with migraines and getting anything done, I'm not sure. I've got at least one more day to think about it, so I'll wait, and not make any hasty decisions.

I'm hoping that I can get good enough at sewing before our trip up North to make fleece hats, scarves, and mittens as well. That would be cool. If I knew I'd be able to, I'd go ahead and buy the fleece now, while it is still a reasonable price. Prices for fleece go up as it gets colder. I'm hoping to find a video to walk me through how to sew little bow ties. I want to make some for our little dog, Pickles. I found a great price on a big set of them on Amazon, but my goal is to make stuff myself, so I'm going to just use the Amazon wish list I have for him and Hope as guides to what I want to learn how to make. I think the hardest thing to make will be rain coats. Hope likes the rain and getting wet, but if she ever makes it as a service dog, I have to be able to keep her dry when I take her places. It's difficult material to work with, I used a thicker type of plastic to cover my dining room chairs when I reupholstered them, and it was a pain in the butt and all I had to do to it was staple it.

Today is planning day. I'm hoping that we can head to a hobby store this afternoon, get some groceries for the upcoming week, pick up some dog supplies and such as well. Otherwise, I want to get some of the things done that I was unable to get done this week, as well as set some ground rules for my kids. One day this last week, wanting to go outside and hang with her friends, my oldest said she was done with her homework when she was not. So, at bed time she was working on homework. Another day she was working on it before school and said she'd just eat breakfast at school. No. We eat breakfast at home and take lunches in bags because the stuff at school is either horrible or sugar coated. If I find out she's been racking up a bill at school again this year without our permission, I'm not going to be happy. At any rate, gotta make sure they follow the routines, I have them printed and put out for them to see on the fridge, it's a simple routine, very easy to follow, and not much to do. And rules for her hanging out with this friend. I thought it was a girl. It's a boy. We are going to have to get her a cell phone so I can call her when it is time for her to come home, she wants to go to his house and play video games. Rule for that will be his parents must be home, and she is not allowed to go in his room. There must be a grown up nearby.

I'm hoping this upcoming week I'm feeling better than this last week. I really want to get into my routines and work towards my goals. I'm tired of not getting anything done.

I'm redirecting my workout plan. I realized that the Glute Challenge, while I need the glute workout, I need my core worked on more right now. So, I found Blogilates 100 Ab Challenge, and am going to start it, hopefully this Sunday, I'll be doing it in the morning, and the kids will be doing their own workouts in the afternoon after school, except on Friday's which is when they have 'Tiger Time' where they go play outside and run around. They come home ready for a nap, so I'll give them that day as their day off. I am still going to work on my off-brand Bosu ball, I'm looking for a good standing workout routine, the ones I've come across so far have you down on the ball most of the time, and while that will be helpful, I want a standing one to work on my balance more.

I've been having a hard time with eating/drinking my breakfast. I love coffee. I can't imagine not having a hot drink first thing, and my protein shakes are cold, and make me cold. I think I'll start having them after I work out, and then having a later lunch. For the next 30 days (starting tomorrow) I'm going to be having a shake for breakfast and for lunch. I okayed it with my bariatric surgeon, in fact, he said I could go to 3 shakes a day if I wanted to, but only for 30 days, to shrink my stomach pouch back to where it is supposed to be. But I don't think I want to go without solid food for that long again. I'll just have to be super careful with my portion sizes. I may do that some days, but not everyday. After a while, you miss chewing and the feel of solid food going down your throat. Sounds weird, but it is true. I am thinking about getting out my juicer and making some Green Glow juice and see if that helps with my feeling so awful. That stuff always makes me feel good.

I know I can do this. I just have to make it through the hard days and not get discouraged. I am battling depression and anxiety, as well as migraines and seizures. I had a seizure Friday, and while my migraine was not too bad, the seizure wiped me for the rest of the day. But I'm not giving up. I can do this. I will do this. I will reach my goals. Yesterday I said I was going to set smaller goals to help me set my sights on more bite-sized goals than these huge pie in the sky goals that I have. I didn't have the mental energy to do it. I'm hoping to set aside time today to do so.

This is another pic that DH sends me when I'm really depressed. I think it is sweet. I love it. He doesn't cuddle with me like he used to, mostly because he is overweight and has a bad back and if he lays down, he won't get up very easily. But it's still a very cute pic and shows how just being there can mean so much.

I hope you have a great Saturday and remember that you can do it!! Kick butt and don't give in!!

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