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Not too achy

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

And now I'm wondering if my mistake over the past 20 years has been scheduling a flu shot to be given during the day, allowing whatever reaction I have to it build up until it manifests in a wicked sore shoulder/neck issue. Last night, I did go and get the flu shot, but I did so after 9 pm, because after getting home from the gym, and eating dinner, and taking a shower, I was kind of drowsing off when I decided that hey, I have stuff I want to do on the weekend, let's just go and take care of this bit of business right now. And so I did, and came back home, and downed an advil, partly to ward off the shoulder ache, but also because i was a bit sore from the gym, and I was asleep before midnight.

And I wake up this morning, with a bit of a twinge in the left shoulder, but nothing more than that, really. Who knows, whatever particular shot I took might just not have bothered me as much as the injection of previous years, or maybe the ibuprofen took the edge off the ache, or...just taking it late at night, and then just going to sleep rather than going through the normal activities of daily living, maybe that was the key? Bottom line, no big deal, as far as the annoying shoulder/neck ache I was anticipating having this day. Woo...I say...woo hoo!

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