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13th August

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


"Notice when someone is down and try to brighten their day"

As an intractably child-like Sagittarian, this forms the basis of my personality! At work I put myself forward to be the Mental Health First Aider - but the funding was refused, so I do it anyway.

I don't think I'm a very funny person, but I do seem to be able to say things that make people laugh - so I guess I am funnier than I think I am!

I work with adults with learning disabilities - 10 of them. I work with a team of at least 15 people on/off. I try hard to notice when people are struggling or feeling down, and offer support. It might just be saying "I've put the kettle on, would you like something?" - or "do you want me to do that while you take a break?" And it's definitely remembering to say "Thank you for your help today!" as people leave.

I even brightened my manager's day yesterday when I saw that his screen-saver had a photo of a pretty toddler in a fairy outfit - I asked about it - and it started a short non-work conversation - it was his niece - about the same age as my grandson. I mentioned how my grandson had suddenly changed from a baby to a little boy, and he said the same had happened with his niece - and found me a photo on his phone.

It was only a few moments - but it brightened his day I think. I showed an interest in HIS story - I didn't get out my phone and show my photos.
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