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August 13th, A day that did not go as planned.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Well, as said before , plans are only made to be altered or even cancelled. Today was a first in changes in many ways.
I had gotten ready to do some baking. Even got the supplies out so they could be room temp and ready. Then I realized that Tammy had to go to the doc midafternoon.
Baking cancelled. My kitchen was like a country song; emoticon beans in the pot , bacon on the stove, got the biscuit makings ready to go. emoticon
Then to add to the interest, Tammy calls to report swollen eyes, welts on her arms, nose running, and feeling flushed. Turns out ..I gave her a wool dryer ball..did not know she is allergic to wool!! She had pulled a load of clothes out in her arms snug against her so she got a good load of wool fibers!!! WHOOPS! NO,She did not tell me she was allergic to wool. Keep life interesting by only giving half information. Doctor appointment cancelled
..time for a shower, then rewash all the laundry . Such fun for her!
She is ok now..but was a bit of a scare with her having a poor health history to begin with. I was standing by to make a quick trip to the ER. Thank goodness did not have to.
Now..hopefully, tomorrow the baking begins..I have got to use that rhubarb before it shrivels up.
Miss Molly has been a character today..she was looking at me with Chuee,Pomeranian, in my lap. Next thing I know she has two paws, one belly on my legs and is pushing to be up in my lap. A 70 pound Labrador is not a lap dog..just the puppy in her head still wants to cuddle . So occasionally she gets to make like a puppy. It will be interesting to see if she out grows that or if as she finishes maturing she will remain a "puppy".
Today was the discovery of a toad. Now it is funny to watch a big ole dog jump two feet back when a toad scuttles around. She would get so excited that she would have to take off , do a run around the yard..then back to see if the toad is still there. Then it would be a rerun of , sniff ,,jump, run off the extra energy..do again. Later the toad is in her pool...she stood there barking at it. I am sure saying in dog speak..get outta my water!! A few attempts at catching the toad failed..then I shooed her away..toads are not good for dogs. I grabbed Mr Toad and set him on the other side of the fence. That made for a whole new adventure..bark at the toad as it hops along the fence line.. Puppies keep life interesting and at times amusing!
Nite ya'al...rest well.
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