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Update on me

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

I'm feeling better even if the temperature at 12:49am feels like 95 still (actual temp is 83). It's been extremely hot and humidity is off the charts. They say our humidity is so high because of all the corn crops. Since I've got corn fields just down the street and all the way to the Ohio River I can see this. Plus they're everywhere because I live in rural far western Kentucky about 7 miles from the junction of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers which finally dropped below flood stage last month. We've had record rainfall by June!
Anyway, Wednesday is an appointment with a new doctor for a glaucoma evaluation. My retina specialist wants a second opinion. I was treated several years ago but the medicated eye drops caused severe eye pain. I'm extremely near sighted too.
On Thursday, I have a video conference with a new therapist who is in Texas. That should be interesting since two years ago my therapist left. I've had appointments with like six different therapists and only saw two. One I saw once and she left. The other I saw twice. The rest of my appointments get cancelled and I'm shuffled to another. My psychiatrist says I don't need a therapist but in order to get my meds I have to see a therapist at least once every three months. So we shall see. I may just talk to my primary doctor and see if he can prescribe the med I take. I've been on it at least nine years and it's doing fine. I have my ups and downs but they tell me that's normal. I'm not suicidal or anything like that.
The following Thursday, I have an appointment with the psychiatrist. He told me it might be him or it could be someone else. So we shall see. I might even change where I go once my Medicare supplement starts in September. I'm just not sure.
Labor Day weekend I leave for five weeks. I'll be at my brother's house for three weeks. Two weeks I'll be in Florida on the beach with him and my two bffs. We have a great time together. We're all looking forward to it and are so ready to feel the ocean breezes.
My son has been unemployed for the past five weeks. He got a call from a candle company that said they want to hire him without an interview. So he's going in tomorrow to see about this and hopefully be employed. It will be a change for sure, but that's what he's looking for, a change from retail.
My printer died. I ordered one online today. It will be shipped here free. If I had wanted to go pick it up, it would have taken longer to get here. Crazy.
I'm taking an online class in Mystical Christianity. It's discussing women in the Bible and their role plus putting a little different spin on a few things. I've read the first six lessons but haven't done the questions yet. I'm waiting on my printer so I can print the last two lessons. I like having a physical copy of what I'm reading to refer to. I've not taken a class since I worked and those were just for CEUs at the hospital where I worked as a health unit coordinator aka ward secretary/unit secretary for ten years. So that was before 2001. Plus it was before my traumatic brain injury. So we shall see.
In other news, I got DNA confirmation on my family, the Hook(e) family. It was fantastic to see my 47 years of research validated. There's still a question regarding my 4th great grandfather but we'll figure it out eventually. There's a possibly that his son is actually my 4th great grandfather and him my 5th according to one of my cousins. So we shall see. I had DNA confirmation on my Mom's side, Reno/Reneau, last year just around Christmas. So that was cool. I've been doing genealogy work too.
I'm also working on typing up family recipes for an upcoming cookbook or two that I will self publish. I think I might have enough recipes for two more cookbooks. I already have finished and published three.
As far as my whiplash and sprain right shoulder as well as the chest bruises/seatbelt injuries I sustained in the automobile accident on June 24th, my primary care doctor said it could take another six months before I'm fully healed considering all the injuries I've had to those same areas over the last two years. So I'm gradually easing into lifting things. I've been limited to five pounds, but I'm lifting a little more just in routine daily things. I don't need a set back especially since he gave me that timeline. I still have pain in all those areas even though the bruising is no longer visible.
With this heat and humidity and corn (I'm allergic to the plants) I've been limiting my time outside. I would love to take early evening walks while it's still daylight but I break out in hives out there. Apparently something is in the air that I'm allergic to. It doesn't bother me much during the day but it's just unbearably hot and humid out there. So I limit exposure. I may take a short walk around the yard or maybe down the street but that depends on whether or not my neighbors are mowing. I'm allergic to grass and weeds and it tears me up when they're mowing.
So I set the timer when I'm working on genealogy or studying for 1 hour. Then I get up and walk for a set period of time. I injured my right leg a couple weeks ago and it's still giving me fits. I think I stepped wrong on the pavement when I was trying to avoid a pothole. It still gives me some pain but it feels stronger than it did. Since I'm having trouble with it, I've had to avoid walking with Leslie Sansone. Some of her moves are starting to hurt my hips/knees. I usually modify them slightly but with this injury I can't modify it enough to not hurt. So I do some walking in place, walking back and forth in addition to my walking around the house. I'm not lifting weights yet. I do have some one pound weights from years ago, that I lift.on occasion. Don't track them yet. I'm trying not to overdo it like I did before my accident.
My scales were acting wonky so I picked them up and took them in the kitchen and noticed they had a battery. Why I didn't think of it before is beyond me but I get my battery tomorrow. If I hadn't noticed the battery compartment I would have probably thrown them in the trash. I need to check my brother's scales when I get there because they weigh wrong just like mine were doing. I'm anxious to see how much I weigh because I kept forgetting to get the battery. My eating has been good and bad and sometimes horrible. I seem to stay hungry 24/7 lately. Nothing is satisfying me at all. I'm drinking plenty because it sits in my belly and sloshes so I can't drink a lot of water because that makes me nauseated. I drink black coffee and unsweetened tea.
Other than that, things are pretty well running smoothly for now. The future is just that, the future. I'll worry about it when it gets here. I'm focused on now.
Sending you love, hugs and prayers. Have a great week.

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