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Worst thing to do at work.

Monday, August 12, 2019

My husband sat down and told me randomly that "I heard on the radio the worst thing to do at work is clip your nails."

I looked and him confused, "What? Why?"

"Apparently people think its gross."

"No, its gross to drink your coffee with a rock in it." I'm a stay at home mom, so strange things happen at my work. But you don't have that much at your work.

This time its my husband's turn to be confused, "Did this happen to you?"

"Yep, Saturday. I was sitting on the front porch drinking my coffee, watching the kids play and doing stuff on my iPad. And one of the girls came up with dirt and rocks and showed me. Then I went back to what I was doing. They went off to play some more. Next time I picked up my coffee cup, I heard a funny little 'clink'. I thought, 'that was weird.' And just kept drinking my coffee. See, once you tip the mug one way, the rock doesn't hit that side again. I couldn't really figure out what the sound was. And you generally don't expect your coffee mug to make noise. So I just chalked it up to some funny noise and when on. It wasn't until later, near the end of that cup, did I finally see the rock. A rock that I had seen earlier when the kids showed it to me. That was covered with dirt, and now in my coffee. And then all the dots connected. I mean, I knew the kids were playing at the table with my coffee mug right there. I knew they had dirt and rocks. And knew I heard a strange noise, and my stupid butt just went right on drinking that full cup of coffee."

I'm sure my husband will be sharing my misadventure of raising kids with his coworkers today, so I thought I better share this nugget too!

Have an amazing day! And may your coffee be dirt free!
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