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Sunday Blah's

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Woke up and went to make my morning cup of joy emoticon only to hear soft but constant coughing and sniffling coming from the other room. So I call out, 'would you like me to make you some tea?' Poor YDD was not feeling well. Friday she woke up to a really sore throat, and it seems to have gotten worse. So probably will have to rearrange appointments this week to Monday so that she can go to the doctor (I only have DH to drive me around 1 day a week, I can't wait till I can drive again!). So no church for me and her this morning, but ODD and DH went, DH went earlier than normal, so ODD had like 10 minutes to wake up and get dressed! I told him if leave time had changed he needed to tell me sooner, I was glad I wasn't going because I still needed a shower and everything too!

emoticon I'm seriously debating my decision to quit coffee and switch entirely to teas. emoticon I do love tea, but it is no substitute for coffee. The more I think about it, the more I argue with myself over it. While I don't want food to rule me, I don't want to give up simple pleasures for the sake of a diet. I don't know what I'm going to do. English breakfast tea is the closest I could come to replacing coffee, and I'm not overly fond of it, it takes way too much honey to make it where it tastes okay, so I may as well be using sugar in it. I don't normally use much honey in my teas, I like just a little bit.

I finally found the purse I wanted and a decent wallet to go with it that has the rfid blocking thing in it. Right now I'm using two different things to keep my cards and other stuff in. I was looking at a specific purse, one with lots of pouches and pockets for organizing (the mia tote I used to use seems to no longer be being sold, sadly). I found one similar to the one I had seen an ad for and put it in my cart and continued my search, as a just in case I can't find the specific one I wanted. I found it. The ratings were awful! I'm so glad I found the other one! I don't like the disorganized mess of just throwing stuff into a purse that I have now. Plus I got a large one, so I'll have room for all my medical necessities that I have to take everywhere. I'm looking for a backpack now. I'm hoping to get my new driver's license today so that I can get new library cards and start walking once or twice a week to the library. I don't want to tire my arms out carrying an armful of books, so I need a good sturdy backpack. There are some Paleo books I want to check out.

Lots to do today. I don't feel like it. I want to curl up and go back to bed. And if it weren't for the fact that the band for the nearby church is warming up and will be playing off and on till around noon or one, I would. I did once I realized I would not be going to church, after waking ODD up. Had a nice snooze. Maybe that is what has me feeling lazy and I just need to get dressed and wake up more.


Just realizing I'm not feeling that terribly great this morning myself, and have some post nasal drip going on. DH has been on the verge of coming down sick for a few days. I hope I'm not too.

Well, I'm hoping to get some breakfast and maybe rest a bit more before starting tackling todays chores. It's prep day, so I have some chicken to cook and veggies to roast and all that jazz. Hope you have a great Sunday!

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