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Saturday, August 10, 2019

I lost the padding on one side of my glasses and it is digging into the side of my nose and if I keep my glasses on for too long it shoots back pain to my eye on that side too. So, off to the glasses store we go to see if they can fix it. I'll have to take my old scratched up pair just in case they have to send my glasses off to be fixed.

Hope started whining, this high pitched whine, yesterday when Pickles managed to open ODD's door and hide under her bed. She whined unless she was being paid direct attention to. And it didn't stop when I got him out. I don't know if she connected getting more petting with her whining (it is ear piercing!) or if something is wrong, but if it keeps up I'm going to have to take her to the vet to see what if there is anything wrong. Bath day is today for both pups, should have been a few days ago, they got stinky, but thanks to my migraines this week, it got delayed.

I'm sad to say I didn't start exercising this week yet. I'm trying not to be too hard on myself, I had a difficult week, but still. Am starting today, no matter what!! I'm going to start out on the treadmill for at least 10 minutes, seeing how much I can do. If I can start out at more, good, if not, 10 minutes is enough. Then we will be doing the 100 Glute Challenge Day 1 by Blogilates, almost a whole week behind, but better late than never!! I'm also going to start doing some balance training on my off brand Bosu ball that I finally got and have set up in the basement. I really like it, but discovered that I have to have my lace up tennis shoes on, not my slip on ones. The slip on ones make me feel unbalanced even more when stepping on it, like my shoes are going to come off. I'm going to be concentrating on core/balance, the glute challenge, and cardio for the next 30 days. The girls will be doing the glute challenge with me, and also starting on the treadmill. I'm getting my new driver's license (not that I can drive yet) next week, I hope, so we can get new library cards for the new county we are in (been here a while, but have been looking for my DD214 so I can get a veteran license). This will help me get more steps in as the Library is within walking distance, I just need to buy myself a backpack for toting books. I plan on getting some books on Paleo that were recommended for me.

Today is planning day for next week. I'm also supposed to spend individual time with each kiddo because that is one of my goals, to spend at least one hour a week one on one with them. Because of my whole week being thrown off due to the migraine, it didn't happen. So they want it to happen today. That is a lot to try to fit into one day. Going to cook some chicken breast for the next week as well, so I'll have my protein, and try to come up with a meal plan for myself. I'm thinking of going ahead and buying a spiralizer. I am looking at electronic ones, and surprisingly the one that costs the least is the one with the best ratings. I bought myself some sports bras on Amazon, after asking on SP what people recommend. I need a lot of support and don't want to have to go back to wearing a sports bra and an ace wrap like I had to in Basic Training, that was a pain!!

So, I'm coming to terms with having gained back the 20 pounds I did. I'm frustrated, but it is my own fault. I see what I did wrong, how I slipped and started getting into old habits of using food for comfort and then vacation there was so much food and sugary treats! But I should have known to have a tiny amount, savored that, and had no more. I'm determined. I'm going to get this weight off. I know it will be harder now that I will be strength training because I'll be gaining muscle, but I'm going to go more off of my measurements than the scale. I'm still going to do both, on Monday's, but will be looking for overall, not just depending on one. Plus I'll be looking at energy level, and how my pants fit. My size 16 pants are starting to be almost tight again, and I was almost in a size 14, so frustrating! But I will get down to the next down size soon enough!!

My plan for working out is to do my workout in the morning (core/balance training and cardio, then alternating other muscle groups with weights or body weight) and then the 100 Glute Challenge with the kiddos after school, and making sure they get their cardio in. Lots of stretching, yoga too so that I don't lose what little flexibility I have, and hopefully gain some. I'll do my exercise right after the kids leave for school. During the weekend it will vary depending on what we have to do for the day.

Not sure if I wrote about this or not, but I went ahead and subscribed to the bariatric subscription box. DH didn't want me to, but I put it on my card. I really want to have more bariatric things to work with, but buying a whole box of something hoping it will be good is too expensive. I like the idea of being able to try samples and see what I really like and what I'd like to buy more of. I'm especially looking for warm options for getting my protein in for winter, and for now frankly. I get so cold easily now. After drinking my morning shake I'm so cold that I've avoided drinking one for a week now, so I know I've not been getting my protein in, which is not good and could be one of the culprits in my not having enough energy.

Well, lots to do this morning, so I'm off!! Hope you have a wonderful Saturday and get a chance to relax!!

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