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Happy Friday!! Lessons Learned This Week...

Friday, August 09, 2019

This week did not turn out like I planned, but I have learned much from it, so I will be thankful. I must remember that today is the day the Lord has made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it!

I learned that Hope, my Golden, can alert to oncoming migraines, if only I will listen to her. I also learned that I need to get up and take my morning meds on time no matter what to keep said migraines at bay!

I learned that if I put my mind to it, I can get a lot more done than I thought that I could. Yesterday, even with taking more time in bed than I intended to (lost my phone for a few hours and could not set an alarm, I didn't sleep, but needed the time relaxing with my eyes closed). I managed to get the craft area mostly done and the dining room and a few other things and then at the end of the day was at loose ends on what to do. I will make a better to do list and remember to clean my chair in my bedroom off so I can go read before bed like I'm supposed to for relaxation.

I learned that my being so lax with the kids has made them more lazy than I thought. I started on their after school routine yesterday, and ODD was so angry the entire time because she wanted to get to her computer so badly, and YDD wanted to read. I understand, I really do, but after school they need a solid routine to get homework and chores and spend some time with me before they go hide in a video game. I was unable to start it on the first day of school this week due to the migraine, but we started yesterday and they were not happy about it. They will get over it. They delayed so much while eating their after school snack... who takes 40 minutes to eat a snack?! But, I must remain patient, it takes a while for a new routine to set in, and for the first three days I was down with a migraine. I'm hoping instilling these routines will help them to stick to them even when I'm out of commission!

I learned that I don't have to get up so early!! I accidently fell back asleep and woke at DH's 0530 alarm. Got the kids up and kept on them to not dawdle and to keep moving and we had time for everything and they left for the bus stop on time. I'm only up this early today because I woke wide awake, almost as if I'd already had 3 cups of coffee in me. I think today is going to be one of those days where I can't stay busy enough. Not a bad thing, but I can get very irritated when I'm like this, so trying to do relaxing things today is a must!! But the kids are happy they don't have to get up so early!!

I learned that quitting coffee cold turkey is not going to work. And that green tea, while being good, is not going to be a good substitute. I bought some English Breakfast loose leaf tea and will start with one cup of coffee and then my next will be the black tea. I'll try to have some green tea around lunch time. I do want to have at least one cup of that a day, it is so good for you. I also really like the benefits of turmeric tea, and I think having that too will be good for me. I've got to find a good brand for turmeric tea, any suggestions?

I learned that if I don't make time for it, it is not going to happen. I already knew this, but it really hit home yesterday. I had wanted to not only clean the craft area but look up the info on my type of sewing machine and look up youtube videos on specifically how to use it, and I never got around to it. I'm a procrastinator in most things, and I'm trying really hard not to be.

I learned that even with my head being so sensitive, some good soft but upbeat music helps when cleaning.

I woke this morning at 0330 wide awake, feeling as though I had already had 3 cups of coffee. So, today is either going to be super productive, or I'm going to crash around lunch time and need a nap. I hope for the super productive. But I know this feeling, I've got to do some relaxing things too, otherwise I'll get super irritable. I'm going to make my to do list, and work on my schedule for the rest of the month with appointments. I have so many appointments that I need, but DH can only take me places one day a week. Aunt G offers to take me places, but she has proven to be unreliable, so I won't depend on that. I also need to come up with a plan of attack for going through the rest of the house, getting it clean, then decluttering. I want to get the rest of the boxes unpacked or put in storage, my in-laws have a storage unit that they are not using all the space in, so we can put some things in there, we just have to clearly mark it.

I got a copy of an advanced directive to fill out from one of my doctors appointments, and I don't even know what to think about some of the questions. I've put it on hold for now, but with so many health problems cropping up, I feel like I need to have one filled out. No, I'm not planning on kicking the bucket, but I do want my husband to be in charge of my care and I think a will is the next step after that. DH doesn't want to think about it, but I think we need to. I want to make sure that my kids go to my in-laws and that my family does not try to interfere. I don't think they would, but you never know.

I think I'm at the cursing stage, but I could be at the very confusing stage. Maybe both? Having a teenager sure is making my internal dialogue a lot more colorful, like back in my military days, only I usually manage to keep it in my head. LOL.

May the odds be ever in your favor. Loved this. Had to share, lol.

This was my woohoo pic for doing SparkCoach today. I totally agree. I'm so glad to be feeling better so that I can work on my dreams today! And, Aunt G is bringing me two bags of cloth to go through and see what is usable for me to practice on for my sewing!! I'll need to practice a lot, and her friend is downsizing from a huge 5 bedroom house to a small 3 bedroom house. Even after giving me these scraps and cloth that she went through, the lady still had 3 trunks full of cloth that she just could not get rid of because it was sentimental. I understand, and I'm thankful that I'll have plenty of bits of cloth to practice on now. I'll have to go through it, some of it she said needed to just be thrown out, but the friend would not throw anything out, so she sent it all to me. DH has decided to take today as a mental health day off from work, I would not have invited Aunt G if I had known, they do not get along. It's his Aunt, but like I've said before, she has alienated most of the family. I had not intended to see her for a while, but she called and left me like 3 messages, so I decided to invite her over, she must be feeling either left out or lonely. And, I am super happy that she thought of me while helping her friend downsize. I have been looking for places to buy cloth, even scraps, cheap to practice on, and even on the FB yard sale groups, people want too much for just scraps. I did find that you can sometimes cloth at goodwill that people have donated, so I'm going to start going to Goodwill once a week. Plus, I'm looking for a writing desk to put in my bedroom as well as a nightstand, end table and small bookshelf.

So, today's plan is to finish up as much as I can in the craft area, vacuum, clean my side of the bedroom and clean as much of the first floor as possible. I want to get a corner shelf to put in the dining room to put our Bible and study guides and books and such that we use in there at family time so that it is not left on the table. So many things on my wishlist to buy, but unless I can get really good deals, not going to happen for a while! We are saving to go to NJ before/after Christmas, depending on the kids school schedule. I wish we could go some other time, I know the airports will be super busy and I hate super busy airports. And no way are we driving!!

Anyway, I hope you have an awesome Friday, and may the odds be ever in your favor! emoticon

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    wow I am exhausted reading your blog.
    I guess when I raised my 4 kids it was not that complicated cell phones,computers too much social media
    today I feel terrible how can I go from a great week 3 pounds to today I cant hardly move from a terrible headache
    beenback to bed twice
    have a great weekend
    14 days ago
    emoticon I hope you have a productive day!
    15 days ago
    Hang in there 🖤👍. Blessings for a wonderful weekend 😊 👍🙏
    15 days ago
    15 days ago
    Sound like you got this. May God see to blessing you with atleast a quiet head to help you heal.
    15 days ago
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