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happy birthday to some english princess

Thursday, August 08, 2019

I don't remember which one, I just remember being very amused when I was a kid that the royal child was born on 8/8/88. Having just looked it up, it was Princess Beatrice of York. Wikipedia even says she was born at 8:18 PM. The docs had to have fudged that last detail, right? It's just too perfect.

Played pickleball this morning, and am glad to report that the arm is fine. I was weirdly dizzy the whole time, though. Not something that affected me in the morning before hand, nor was any problem while driving there, or driving back afterwards, but while I was on the court, the ball looked weird, and I totally whiffed on a couple of shots, missing the ball by a foot or more, not something I'm usually prone to. That said, after losing my first game badly, I didn't lose again for the rest of the morning, so it wasn't affecting me that much.

I did notice yesterday while reading that the vision in my left eye seemed worse than what I was used to. No idea if it's in any way related, just something to keep an...ummm....eye on. That did not begin as a deliberate pun, I promise. It may have ended that way, for which I apologize.

The dizziness might be a function of a lack of sleep. The English Premier League transfer deadline is today, and I might have stayed up too late to follow the latest rumors. And then I got up early, even if I wasn't planning on going and playing today. But my elbow didn't hurt at all while brushing my teeth (which is an odd statement given that I have an electric toothbrush. But I was feeling twinges while just holding the brush against my teeth the last couple of day, so it's an accurate statement), so I made the snap decision to head out to play. I'm going to take a nap, and hopefully it's no longer an issue when I wake up again.

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