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Feeling better today!

Thursday, August 08, 2019

I barely got up in time to get the kids ready for school! emoticon Okay, that's not quite true... I like to get up at 0440 so I can have some me time and coffee before I wake the kids so I'm not the grouch I usually am before coffee (still working toward changing that to tea). But instead I accidently fell back asleep till DH's alarm went off at 0530! But, this turned out to be great because the kids usually have extra time in the morning and get to griping at each other, ODD was still griping at her sister, but not as bad with me there to constantly remind them to keep getting ready. They even got all the things on their morning routine done (I'm not so sure they actually brushed their teeth, but they went upstairs and said they did....). So that proves to me that I don't have to get up so early, we are going to try getting up at 0530 again tomorrow and see how it works out. I hope it does, I have not been doing well getting up so early in the morning with not feeling well!

I am probably going to go take a nap, I planned on watching a live thing about strategies to take back your time, but I'm exhausted from working this morning so far, and really need a break. I was hoping sitting down to write this would be enough, but my eyes are closing. Hope is sound asleep in front of ODD's room, and Pickles is beneath my feet. Hope likes going in ODD's room because there are so many fun things to chew left out, but she knows I'll catch her if she opens the door, so she is pouting. Hopefully all three of us can get an hour long nap it.

I'm hoping I'm feeling up to starting the Glute Challenge today, we'll be behind, but late is better than never! I know I won't be able to do 100 of anything, but I want to try and see what I can do and get stronger as I go along. Plus start my cardio back and work on flexibility and balance training.

So glad it is Thursday, the padding on my glasses came off on one side, and I can't find my glasses kit, so I have to wait till Thursday to take my glasses to the store and see if they can fix it there or if they have to send it out. I hope they can just fix it.

Okay... going to nap.... emoticon

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