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Time For: Five Day Focus

Monday, August 05, 2019

If you know me, then you know I like quotes, catchy slogans and quips. In fact, I probably repeat about a dozen or so every day. One of my all time favorites was/is "20 Minutes or it's free!" by Dominos. Truthfully, I never collected on it, even when they were late. But at least I knew they were trying to get it to me.

The main one for me the last few years has been 'the S.T.A.N. Plan". Short and sweet it represents four questions for my projects and actions. Those questions are:

S=Simple Is it simple enough to implement.
T=Trackable Can I track it if I WANT to, without too much overhead (simple)
A=Achievable Can I do this, or is it a pie in the sky thing? (I'll never dunk another basketball)
N= Necessary Is it necessary? "Do I HAVE to do this? What happens if I don't, worst case?"

I'm telling you this because my big thing right now are "Five Day Focuses". Basically, it means that whatever I'm focused on is at the top of my list... for five days. I start each focus period on a Monday...and relax on the weekends.

I'm practicing this on my weight loss. After two weeks, I'm down 8 lbs. Yes, it would be more if not for the weekends... but I don't care. 12 weeks of that would be 48 lbs and would put me at goal weight. And that would be cool.

I know, I know... it isn't rocket surgeon stuff... but it's not supposed to be. Remember? It's 'the S.T.A.N. Plan" :-) SIMPLE

Peace, Love and Understanding
I'll Cya'll Down The Road
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