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08/04/19 Start Again

Sunday, August 04, 2019

"Every day is a new beginning. Take a deep breath, smile and start again."

"It's positively disgraceful. Thirty-five years old, and we're still supporting him. Well, I say it's about time he left the nest and learned to stand up on his own one leg!"

The male teacher in a girls’ school asked the science class: “Who can tell me what organ of the human body expands to 10 times its usual size when stimulated? Mary, can you tell me?”

Mary blushed furiously as she stood up. Then replied, “Sir, how dare you ask such a question? I will complain to my parents, who will complain to the principal.”

The male teacher was taken aback at first by Mary’s reaction. Then, as understanding dawned on him, he called for another pupil, this time a volunteer.

Lilly put up her hand. “Yes, Lilly?” asked the teacher.

“Sir, the correct answer is the iris of the eye.”

“Very good. Thanks, Lilly,” said the male teacher.

He then turned to the 1st girl, who threatened to complain to her parents and principal: “Well, Mary, I have 3 things to tell you:

First, you have NOT done your HOMEWORK.

Second, you have a DIRTY mind.

And thirdly, I fear, one day in future, you are going to be sadly disappointed!”

It's Sisters' Day! A celebration of a very special relationship. They can be your best friend and worst enemy all in one because they know and love you. They'll have your back and stab you in the back. But the memories you share!
--American Family Day: observed in Arizona on the first Sunday of August; a reminder to appreciate each member of the family.
--National Friendship Day: not the same as International Friendship which we just celebrated; on the first Sunday, this holiday was started by someone who worked for Hallmark Cards in 1935; either way, it's a good day to celebrate the mutual affection between friends.
--Hooray for Kids Day: a day to celebrate our youth; act like a kid today and see the possibilities in the world around you.
--International Forgiveness Day: held on the first Sunday, a world-wide event to encourage us to let go of past hurts and move on; studies have shown forgiveness improves our health as we release the anger.
--National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day: today celebrates the cookies made with the chips we celebrated on May 15; the chips were invented in the 1930's by Ruth Graves Wakefield of Toll House Inn at Whitman, Massachusetts; Wakefield would break up Nestle chocolate for the cookies; her recipes were included with the bars of chocolate and sometimes with a tool to break up the chocolate; in 1941, the modern chips we know were introduced and the chocolate chip cookie has become a favorite.
--National Kids Day: on the first Sunday; today is a reminder to spend time with the kids and strengthen the bonds.
--National Doll Day: held on the first Sunday, it's a complement with Friendship Day as our dolls are often our best friends in the world; dolls have been part of our cultures since the ancient times and this history of dolls and their importance in culture is interesting to learn.
--Single Working Women's Day: started as a platform for a network of working women to provide support, professional advice and encouragement in working places; today is a tip of the hat to women who choose to stay single and determine their own happiness without being dependent on a man.
--Psychic Day: on the first Sunday, a day that encourages us to tap into that 6th sense, that inner knowing and give it a chance.
--National White Wine Day: a salute to the white wines which are made from light yellow-green grapes or light red skins; red wine is made from grapes with purple or black skins; both wines are made from the clear juice of the grape but the tannins of the purple/black skins give the reds their red color.
--US Coast Guard Day: a salute to the branch that protect our waters and shorelines; on August 4, 1790, Congress established the predecessor, the Revenue Cutter Service, to enforce US tariff laws; the name was changed to Coast Guard in 1915.
--Today is Barack Obama's birthday (1961); we miss you.
--In 1821, the first printing of a 4-page weekly that would become the Saturday Evening Post.
--International Owl Awareness Day: a worldwide movement to raise awareness of the hazards to the habitats of the owls and programs to alleviate conflict between human and owl activities; there are over 200 species of owls and they are important to the ecological balance.
--Assistance Dogs Day: no info as to why today or the history; those wonderful animals have made such an important difference to so many lives by helping bring independence.
--International Clouded Leopard Day: today raises awareness of the declining numbers of this beautiful cat which lives in the Himalayan foothills of Southeast Asia toward China.
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