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Goals & Gratitude 8/3/19

Saturday, August 03, 2019

So I am at my Dad's house this weekend. I have been here since Friday. I am here to clean, and I am really doing it! Yesterday, I went through the 28 boxes of books of mine that were in the garage. I am getting rid of 15 of them-- 11 boxes of teaching books and 4 boxes of kid's books and novels. The rest I am keeping as they are cookbooks, yearbooks from school, novels that I am attached to, etc. I am hoping to take the cookbooks home with me on Monday, but I might not have room in the car for all of them. I will decide on that tomorrow. Today, I went through a variety of boxes of my and my Mom's stuff. Mostly it was Mom's stuff-- jewelry and knick knacks. I'm getting rid of 95% of it. I used to be more attached to it but I'm not anymore. I went through the jewelry and kept some, and I kept a candy dish from Romania and a blue pitcher that I always liked, but otherwise it's all going. I also went through some of the Christmas stuff and we are getting rid of that. Plus some Halloween stuff is going. I don't decorate much as the cats will tear everything up, so I figure if someone else wants it, they can have it. Tomorrow I don't really have anything to clean, so I will go to church and do homework. On Monday I have to call a couple of charities to see if they will come pick this stuff up.

On the schoolwork front, I did much better on my Managerial Accounting quiz this week. Last week I got a 40%. This week I got an 80%. I didn't submit my answers right away unless I was 100% sure of the answer. Of the two I got wrong, one I genuinely didn't understand, and the other I didn't really the directions closely enough and got it wrong. I'm bad about doing that. But today when I did it, I just tried to take my time and read everything carefully and it helped a lot. I have the midterm to do for that class on Tuesday, so I will have to make sure I really read everything carefully. I have homework to do for my Auditing class tonight (questions to answer) and I have a study guide to type up for my Managerial Accounting class midterm. I started writing up the study guide, but I have two more chapters to add to it.

Tomorrow's Goals:
1) Get to church. I better find a church to go to out here!
2) Read ch. 7 in Auditing and work on the homework for that chapter.
3) Continue typing up the study guide for Managerial Acc't.

Today I'm Grateful For...
1) A good quiz score.
2) That I got so much cleaning done today.
3) That we have leftovers from dinner last night and I don't have to cook tonight-- it's so hot!
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