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Exercise Up-Weight going Down

Saturday, August 03, 2019

This past week I got both classes of water fitness in. I really do enjoy that class. Last week I missed both days. I feel like my arms get a good work out.
In the pool, there is this walkway (guess that's how I would put it), you have the side of the pool and then a little ways out, a wall that is about as tall as the side of the pool. Anyway, the water comes down so that when walking into the pool, you're walking with the current. Walk the other way, heading out, and you're like walking against the current.

I still have problems with balance. So I defiantly need to work on strengthening my ankles, and work on balance.

Today I got weighed. I'm at 153.2 lbs. I'm happy. At least I'm going in the right direction. I believe it is because I do more walking, I get up and move more than sit. I try to remember to put a timer on so that I get up every 20 min. if sitting for a long time.

I'm still in shock that I'm losing so quickly. Maybe finally, my thyroid is working right. Don't know. But I have to still be careful not to go on a eating bing because I've lost. Still have more to go. Just keep a positive attitude about it. But I do like to eat.

At the meeting I go to on Saturdays, some of the ladies were talking about being scared of reaching their goal weight. Maybe afraid to eat what they like and gaining back the weight. I have to tell myself over and over and over, it's not what I eat, but how much. What is my portion size? Do I really need that high sugar treat? I did pretty good yesterday when I had only 2 Oreo cookies. When I was younger, I could get half to a whole bag in one day. Ugh. emoticon

So my weight is going down. I'm moving more. But I do need now to start on the toning, especially in the core area. At 58, that seems to be the hardest to get down.

Anyway, I'm on my way, and I'm happy. emoticon
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