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What I ate as a kid, from MILTONS_MAMA's blog

Friday, August 02, 2019

Top 10 time! List your favorite foods and drinks that your parents made. Go into as much detail about each one as you can.

I read this on MILTONS_MAMA's blog,

and noticed that her mom liked to bake. Nice! My mother was fond instead of buying Yodels and RingDings in snack size. Also these pink marshmallow cookies covered with coconut on a spongy wafer. Ahh, memories. I was the baker, from about age 8. Not any more, unfortunately. I makes it, I sees it, I eats it.

1. Meatballs and sauce, my german-descent mom learned from my Italian grandmother, her mother-in-law. No recipe, just a handful of this and of that.

2. Loin of pork with saurkraut and mashed potatoes. The best sauerkraut ever, cooked with bacon and apples.

3. Pot roast, cooked in an antique pressure cooker that I was afraid of. It hissed and spit like a crazy woman. Dark, rich, onion soaked gravy that was made with it. I could eat a bowl of that stuff by itself.

4. Hotdogs from the German Deli that crunched when you bit them.

5. Lemon layer cake with lemon icing from a mix that appeared on various sibling birthdays throughout the years.

6. Her fabulous collection of Christmas cookies, recipes inherited from various German, Czech, and Polish grandmas. She stopped making them when I was about 10, when I happily inherited the chore.

7. Her Sausage Roll, a log of savory Italian sausages and cheeses wrapped in a pizza dough, a recipe she made later on for parties.

8. Sausage and Peppers on crunchy Italian bread

9. Fruit turnovers from a packaged roll that you bought in the cold foods section, next to the biscuits. The pastry was serrated to break apart, and the filling and icing were separate. Yum!

10. Homemade chicken soup, Italian style, with tomatoes coloring the broth, and pastina.

Wow, that was fun.
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    Nice lists!!!
    17 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    We also made crushed pineapple cookies, cinnamon bread(batter bread)
    brown sugar tarts
    giant popovers

    19 days ago
    My page is private, so I'm posting the blog that I did here:

    Top 10 time! List your favorite foods and drinks that your parents made. Go into as much detail about each one as you can.*

    1. Yellow cake with fudge frosting. My mom used to make this chocolate frosting that would harden. It tasted so decadent and yummy! And you got to have cake too! I haven't eaten this in years and I really miss it.

    2. No bake cookies. My mom and I liked making no bake cookies, out of a cookbook that we got from my great-grandmother for Christmas one year. Now I make them by myself, but she still likes to help eat them! I changed the recipe to make it vegan and switched the vanilla flavoring for orange, so they'd be like those chocolate oranges you can find at Christmas time.

    3. Birthday cupcakes. When I was little, my mom used to make cupcakes for me on my birthday every year, to distribute to other kids at school. That can make a kid more popular! Most of the mommies did this, not just mine.

    4. Peanut butter cookies. I'm including this because I really loved it, but my mom never made it. I made it as a child. We had this cookie cookbook that I practically worshiped. I would sit and drool for hours, looking at all the cookies, from a really early age! My mom was always trying to take it from me, because even though I really loved it, my drawings with an ink pen kept turning up in the book. One of our neighbors, an old bachelor, loved to make these, and he showed me how to do it. So between him and the book, I got it down!

    5. Beef stroganoff. We used to have this all the time. It's one of those dishes you can't get out of your head, which can be problematic if you've become a vegan. My mom would usually improvise if she didn't have all the ingredients. But she used a fancy mix sometimes too.

    6. Leftover stew. My mom used to take leftovers, when she had some leftover macaroni and cheese, and mix everything together, all the vegetables and meat and everything. It was so good tasting! That's another thing for a vegan to miss.

    7. Tuna casserole. My mom would always use these noodles that were shaped like these little shells, and mix up the tuna with cream of mushroom soup. I always really loved this!

    8. Pancakes with chocolate chips. Sometimes, if we were really lucky, we would get to have pancakes with chocolate chips added! Oh, wow, that is a real treat! I miss pancakes so much.

    9. Potato pancakes. This was another great favorite of mine.

    10. Porcupine meatballs. My mom would take dry rice, and ground meat, and ball them up together. And she would bake them in the oven. They would be covered in tomato sauce. I really didn't like the tomato sauce, but I liked the rest of it. So that's why it's at the very bottom of the list!

    I could have listed other things, but these just came to me, before I ran out of numbers. My mom also made milkshakes sometimes. And she made this thing called Apple Pizza Pie. And there's more, but I'm supposed to be finished!

    *Writing exercise from the book 'The Story of My Life', from Piccadilly Press.

    P.S. If anyone would like to friend me, please let SUSMANNIE know, and I will happily add you as a friend!
    21 days ago
    emoticon Lovely list that you have! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    21 days ago
    Home made tomato soup, jellied salads, Mac and cheese with canned tomatoes, creamed baby veggies from the garden, fried steak (I kid you not, it was always like leather), roast chicken (freshly killed and plucked), rice pudding with raisins, home made bread (yum). Very basic meals as my mom and dad shared farming duties and most of our food was grown on the farm.
    21 days ago
    Sno Balls

    They were literally called Sno Balls!

    That's Hostess for you; keeping kids healthy and literate since 1947!
    21 days ago
    She made baked spaghetti that had green peppers in it, delicious! A great leg of lamb. Pot roast with pearl barley and a family recipe cheese cake. She considered herself not a cook. I think she just didn’t enjoy cooking.
    21 days ago
    Spaghetti Deep dish pizza Chicken and dumplings Porcupines And plenty of others
    22 days ago
    22 days ago
  • NEPTUNE1939
    22 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    chop suey
    pork chops and potatoes, veggie, salad
    frozen fish sticks
    canned soup
    sloppy joes
    meat loaf
    bean soup

    22 days ago
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