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08/01/19 A River

Thursday, August 01, 2019

"A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence." James N. Watkins

"I know I was born 'surf' but sometimes, deep down, I feel like I'm actually 'turf'."

A preacher on his deathbed summoned his doctor and his lawyer. They came, and he asked them to sit on either side of his bed and hold his hands.

They sat thus for a long while until the doctor stirred and said, ”You don’t have long on this earth, Reverend. Better tell us why you asked us to come.”

The old preacher stirred himself wheezed and said ”Well, Jesus died between two thieves, and that’s the way I want to go too.”

Today is Scout Scarf Day! All Scouts, boy and girl, active and former, are encouraged to wear their Scout Scarfs as a way of saying "Once a Scout, always a Scout". The Scout Scarf is a symbol of the Scout Promise.
--Homemade Pie Day: today encourages us to make our pies from scratch, not from mixes or pre-mades; originally pies were in ancient Rome but they used reeds to hold a meat or fruit filling instead of crust and the reeds were not eaten; the Greeks appear to have the early crusts of flour and water which could be eaten with the filling.
--Lammas Day: the name from loaf-mass, Lammas is the first harvest festival, usually wheat, and bread from the first wheat is taken to church for blessings; observed in the UK.
--Lughnasadh: a Gaelic festival of pagan origins to honor the first harvest.
--National Girlfriends Day: a day to salute that special bond of female friends; whether they're old friends from when you were kids or just met friends, take time to get together today.
--National IPA Day: a salute to India Pale Ale, a craft beer from before the 1840's.
--National Minority Donor Awareness Day: today raises awareness of the critical need for organ transplant donors among minority communities.
--National Raspberry Cream Pie Day: another salute to that sweet berry of summer; I haven't had a raspberry cream pie in ages.
--National Planner Day: today is for those who love to plan and organize and who would be lost without their planners, paper or digital; it feels like it was just yesterday we were carrying around those leather-bound calendars.
--Respect for Parents Day: today is a reminder that respect for parents is beyond just a one-day observance; teaching respect for the parents at home carries over to treating others with respect outside the home.
--Play Ball Day: today is to get outside and play any game that uses a ball; today honors the age-old tradition of the umpire calling out "Play ball!".
--Rounds Resounding Day: today is a movement to promote the gatherings for singing rounds; in the 18th, 19th century England, there were "catch clubs" where gents got together to sing rounds, catches, canons with a lot of drinking; a fun day to honor the singing of rounds; remember "Row, Row, Row Your Boat?
--National Mahjong Day: no info as to why today but there are several listings for competitions; if you've never tried mah jong, this could be a good day to find someone to teach you this fun game.
--Spider Man Day: today commemorates the debut of the Marvel character in "Amazing Fantasy", 1962; Spider Man was created by Stan Lee and Steve Dilko.
--World Wide Web Day: a day to recognize the invention that has joined the world together, for better or for worse; conceived by Tim Berners in 1989 at CERN Center in Switzerland.
--World Lung Cancer Day: today raises awareness of how common lung cancer is and how preventable it is.
--Yorkshire Day: observed in England, today salutes the county of Yorkshire and contribution to the British society.
--International Childfree Day: today recognizes the contributions of those who choose not to have children and to contribute in their own way; I've had more than one teacher who didn't have kids but was a fantastic teacher.
--US Air Force Day: today was established in 1947 by President Truman "in recognition of the victorious Army Air Forces and all those who have developed and maintained our nation's air strength".
--In 1981, Music Television (MTV) debuted.
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