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Goals & Gratitude 7/31/19

Thursday, August 01, 2019

I'm still struggling to get caught up with school. I finished two classes last weekend with As in both, but then I had to deal with my other two classes this week. I had work due Monday and Tuesday, but I managed to get extensions for both classes to later this week. I finished my Auditing class's work (due Monday) today, and I am almost done with Managerial Accounting's work (due Tuesday). I will finish the homework tomorrow and then type up a study guide to prepare for the quiz and the midterm that's next Tuesday. So then I can do the quiz on Friday and be done with this week's work. Then I just have to work on writing up study guides for the three chapters on the Managerial Acc't midterm. At least I don't have other homework to learn while I'm studying for the test, which is what happened last quarter.

I'm going to my Dad's house tomorrow night for Friday and the weekend. I am going to clean out the 30 boxes of books that are there plus about 5 or 6 other boxes of random stuff of mine and my Mom's. The goal is to figure out which books I want to keep and which to give away. Most of the books are from my defunct teaching career and I don't want or need them anymore. I just need to find out if Salvation Army or another outfit will take them. I have the names and numbers of a couple of organizations that I'm going to call tomorrow and Friday. And then it's just up to me to sort through the boxes. I want to bring the two or three boxes of cookbooks back to my house as I will use them. The remainder of the novels I'm going to go through and purge as best as I can, then box up what I want to keep. My goal is to keep 7 boxes or less. That's just an arbitrary number I made up. We'll see if I can stick to it.

There's one more thing: there's something cool that happens at the park that I walk at in the evening. I'm not sure if it's just on Wednesday evenings or what, but I've seen them before setting up. There's people in full suits of armor practicing sword fighting. Tonight there were two people in full armor with shield practicing, and two other people in regular clothes doing sword drills. So now I want to figure out when they're there so I can go watch them. And maybe one day I'll get brave enough to ask if I can join! (I just discovered through the magic of posting on Facebook that they're a group from the Society for Creative Anachronism. I will have to do more research.)

Tomorrow's Goals:
1) Finish accounting homework and write up Ch. 21 study guide.
2) Pack and get ready to leave.
3) Do the dishes, laundry, and any last chores.

Today I'm Grateful For...
1) That I had time to exercise this evening.
2) That cool things are always happening at the park.
3) That if I post something on Facebook, I can get answers on weird stuff in a matter of minutes.
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